Aspie Recipes: Apple Pie In A Coffee Cup

In my latest recipe post, I am taking your classic apple pie, and putting it into a coffee cup!  The apartment complex where I live has a couple of apple trees, and […]

Geekout With The My Little Pony Mega Mare-athon on August 4-8

I guess since my 28th birthday is on August 15th, I could consider this as an early birthday present?  The folks from the Hub Network are going to do something big on […]

Why The New Alabama Welcome Sign Looks Too Bland

For the past few years since 2003, when you entered the state of Alabama, you were greeted with the welcome sign that said “Alabama the Beautiful.”  The sign was in a fancy […]

Enter To Win The Purge: Anarchy Prize Pack

UPDATE: The contest is now closed! Remember The Purge last Summer?  It became a viral sensation and many people enjoyed the movie!  Now, Blum House is back with a sequel called The […]

Video Roundup: Artists vs TMNT Rap Battle ,Crazy German Water Park, Hail Storm In Russia

It’s time for Video Roundup, on a Monday!  My top 15 videos of the week! Kids React to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power! Magic Rude Cover Too funny! COOLEST Coolest Kickstarter […]

View The Reasons Why I Am A Humongous Geek And Nerd Presentation

A few weeks ago, I published an article about Why I Am A Humongous Geek/Nerd, and many people came to read that!  Now, after publishing this article to Buzzfeed, I made a SlideShare […]

Sunday Discussion: My Letter To The FCC About Net Neutrality

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am catching up!  I am talking about my recent letter to the FCC about Net Neutrality.  As you know, the FCC is thinking about […]

Animation Monday: Legend Of The Flying Tomato, Dip N’ Dance, Pinchaque, Diner Danger

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday.  I am featuring four great animated short films that you should see!  Let’s go! Legend Of The Flying Tomato From the Vimeo channel Aurry, comes the […]

Two Great Video Recaps Of The 2014 World Cup

So, who is missing the World Cup right now!  Germany won the World Cup this time around, while host country Brazil got flat-out embarrassed on the pitch.  So in this post, I […]

Hey Comcast, This Is Not How You Do Customer Service

Hey Comcast, who has service in Gadsden, this is not the way to have great customer service!  Ryan Block called Comcast to cancel his service because he found a better service.  So […]

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