Major Flooding In Munford Alabama

Major flooding happened in East Alabama on Saturday.  There was flooding reported from Pell City all the way to the Georgia border.  I went to take some pictures of the flooding in […]

Good News Fridays: My Brother Is Graduating From High School

Last night; Ragland High School held a ceremony for its students.  They highlighted the class of 2013 that included my younger brother David Storey.  They also highlighted other students like the ones […]

Music Thursdays: SAVOY Live With Lasers

Looking for a cool show that you will enjoy!  SAVOY is currently on the Live With Lasers tour and they will be in Birmingham on Thursday May 30th.  Instrumentalists turned seasoned producers Gray […]

Local TV Appearances on Jeopardy and My First Home

Get ready, we have some people from Alabama and the southeast appearing on national television! First off, someone I knew from Alexander City has a relative in the finals of the Jeopardy College Championship.  Her name […]

The Upcoming Geek Alabama Fundraiser

So, I have posted here on Geek Alabama about what I want to do with the blog.  I am wanting to take the Geek Alabama blog to the next level.  But without […]

The Attack on DHX Media Over Equestria Girls

  UPDATE: Here is my review of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. You know, when I have to talk about some Bronies attacking the company that animates My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: I-59 Etowah County Construction Is Done

Well, well, ALDOT has finally finished the Interstate 59 construction in Etowah County.  It took them two years, yes two years to reconstruct 10 miles of Interstate.  Before the construction began, I-59 was in very poor […]

The Homeless Problem In Anniston Alabama

Last night, I went to the Anniston City Council meeting and after they went through the agenda which included passing Sunday alcohol sales and lowering the speed limit along Noble St. in downtown to […]

Kiera Wilmot Is Coming to Alabama For School

Remember the Kiera Wilmot controversy?  She conducted a science experiment at Bartow High School that involved combining household cleaner and aluminum foil in an eight ounce water bottle.  The chemical reaction created a pop that […]

Play the Atari Breakout Game on Google Images

Today is the 37th anniversary of the Atari game Breakout.  You remember that game, you swung a paddle to keep a ball in the air to hit tiles and earning points.  Originally […]

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