Forget The Police, The Snob People Is What’s Wrong With America

This will be a post where I will be talking about the problems with the police around this country. From Missouri to Maryland to Texas, it seems like each week there is […]


Catch Episode Six Of The New Screen Savers

Episode six of The New Screen Savers is here!  This week, Leo Laporte is joined by guest host Roger Chang and the show dives into more of the Raspberry Pi with the […]


Sunday Discussion: The Three Stooges: Phil Williams, Mo Brooks, Mike Rogers

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about three different political stories from political leaders here in the great and wonderful state of Alabama. First off, the Alabama Legislative session is […]


Watch This Great NASA Documentary Called Suit Up

NASA TV has produced and made a cool documentary called “Suit Up.”  The documentary is about the last 50 years of spacewalks, or extravehicular activity, that started with cosmonaut Alexey Leonov in 1965. […]


Video Roundup: Pregnant to Baby Time Lapse, Animals in Mirrors, Pranking FouseyTube

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 12 videos of the week! The Lion King And Aladdin Airport Sing Off Wow! Time Lapse: Pregnant to Baby in 90 Seconds Wonderful! 11 Year […]


Watch Episode Four Of Star Trek Continues Called The White Iris

Episode four of the fan made series Star Trek Continues came out recently, and I have watched it, and wow what a treat!  Remember, Star Trek Continues is all fan made in […]


Good News Fridays: The Shia LaBeouf Interesting Motivational Speech

This clip which is a little over one minute has around 6 million views on YouTube.  All it is is Shia LaBeouf giving one hell of a motivational speech!  He stands behind […]


Celebrate The 911 Festival And The Viva Health Starlight Gala This Weekend

UPDATE: These stories come from Alabama NewsCenter.  The 911 Festival story is written by Carla Davis.  The Viva Health Starlight Gala story is written by John Herr.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com/ 911 Festival In Haleyville […]


Only A Few Days Left To Support Geeks Doing Good 2015

You have until the end of this weekend to support Geeks Doing Good 2015!  WorldBuilders and Heifer International are running this campaign to help raise families and communities out of poverty. Heifer educates […]


Watch Smarter Every Day And Veritasium Tackle The Truth About The Toilet Swirl

This is amazing stuff!  The YouTube channels Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay did videos about the truth of the toilet swirl.  You know, the toilet swirl direction is different in the northern and southern hemispheres.  But it turns […]

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