Three More Christmas Videos To Wrap Up The 2014 Christmas Coverage

  Sadly, this will be the last Christmas themed post for the 2014 edition of a Geek Alabama Christmas.  But, I am going out with three more Christmas themed videos that you […]

Get Ready For The Rose Bowl By Playing Ducks Hunt

Remember the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt?  Well, if you are wanting to relive the good ole days, Flat Miner Studios just made your day!  And this game is a great time […]

Watch The 2014 Anniston New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show At Fort McClellan

  The fireworks at Fort McClellan was so successful ringing in 2014, that the city of Anniston will once again host a fireworks show on New Year’s Eve 2014!  Before you go […]

The Atlanta Streetcar Is Now In Service

Think about the last time you rode a streetcar or trolley through a downtown area?  You probably have not ridden a streetcar, unless you went to San Francisco or another country.  But […]

Watch The 2014 Gone To The Snow Dogs Christmas Card Exchange, Including My Card

  Well, Monday was the day!  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has done two videos, one featuring the 341 Christmas cards they got.  And a second video featuring the presents people […]

Animation Monday: Why My Little Pony And Gravity Falls Needs A Christmas Special

  When I watch my favorite cartoons, I always look forward to the special Christmas episode!  To me, the Christmas episode is a step away from the usual plots and storylines in […]

Three Christmas Light Videos To Keep You In The Christmas Spirit

  Geek Alabama is still in the Christmas spirit!  In fact, we continue to do Christmas themed posts, and year-end recap posts, through New Years Day!  So, on this Christmas themed post, […]

Let Smarter Every Day Show You The Secret of Snapping Spaghetti

Yum! Spaghetti is one of those foods from Italy that has many, many fans!  And Destin Sandlin from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay wanted to find out the secrets to snapping pasta.  So, he got several […]

Sunday Discussion: Blue Christmas, The Rebound, Our Streets

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am showcasing three short films that you should watch and enjoy during this holiday break! Blue Christmas What is it with sad Christmas movies? […]

Movie Review: The Interview

Thanks to the whole Sony hack thing, The Interview was not only released at some theaters, it was also released online!  So, I got to see the movie online, and I am […]

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