24 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

24 Days Left Until Christmas By the way, did you see the ending to the Iron Bowl, War Eagle! At The North Pole: Sunday is normally an off day for the elves […]

Hub Network Christmas Specials For 2013

To keep you in the Geek Alabama Christmas spirit, I am going to present three special Christmas episodes from the friends at the Hub Network.  These three shows have grown to be […]

25 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

25 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: Saturdays are a fun time at the North Pole.  The elves get to take a break from toy building to do something fun. […]

NE Alabama / NW Georgia Christmas Parade List 2013

  Well it’s the time of the year when many communities run the annual Christmas Parade.  Many cities do a community Christmas parade each year and many people turn out.  And with […]

Good News Fridays: What Does The Fox Say / Getting A Homeless Man Home

This week on Good News Fridays, I have two videos that should make you smile!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, now on to the videos!  This first video from the […]

26 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

26 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: Santa and the Elves are still stuffed from their Thanksgiving feast yesterday.  Today, the elves are watching all of those crazy crowds at […]

Music Thursdays: Lindsey Stirling – Minimal Beat

How are you enjoying your Thanksgiving Day?  I hope the day is being spent with family and friends!  This Music Thursdays is going to feature a great music video featuring violinist Lindsey […]

My Only Thanksgiving Wish For 2013

Thanksgiving is here and I wanted to do a quick post about Thanksgiving.  I will not be doing much Thanksgiving stuff this year, one, I am helping someone move on the holiday. […]

Follow The Black Friday Tailgaters On Twitter

Black Friday is almost here, and that means people have been in long lines just to be the first to get those good deals.  In Alabama, one group of people has made […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Tips For A Safe Travel Season

This week for Thanksgiving and for the upcoming Christmas season, many people will be flying, driving, or taking the bus/train to another destination.  Sure, most people will think they will have no […]

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