Anniston Alabama Christmas Parade 2014

  Lots of people came out to the 2014 Anniston Christmas Parade last night.  The parade took place in downtown Anniston along Noble Street.  Over 100 entries and floats were in this […]

16 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

16 Days Left Until Christmas 2014 At The North Pole: The elves at the North Pole have to keep healthy, especially during the important Christmas season.  The elves do not have to […]

Are You A Broke Geek/Nerd, You Need To View This Broke Geek Gift Guide

  The YouTube channel Geek & Sundry Vlogs, from Geek & Sundry, puts out some great vlog videos.  And in one of their latest episodes, Omar and Mia offer solutions on holiday gifts for […]

Animation Monday: My 15 Best Cartoons I Have Watched So Far Presentation

Yes, I am an avid cartoon and animation fan, and enjoy watching plenty of cartoons on Saturday morning, and most of the time for that matter!  But, some people have asked me […]

17 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

17 Days Left Until Christmas 2014 At The North Pole: Yes, Santa’s Workshop has the elves who build the toys, but the workshop also has elves whose only job is to design […]

Watch This Epic Rap Battle Between Ellen And Oprah, The Queens Of Daytime TV

It’s an ERB, you get an ERB, you get an ERB, you get an ERB, ahhhhhhh!  Epic Rap Battles of History delivers with their latest rap battle between the two queens of daytime […]

This WestJet Christmas Miracle Makes You Beleive In The Spirit of Giving

  WestJet has made some really good videos, and they have made another great video!  They went to a community in the Dominican Republic and transformed it into a snowy Christmas just like […]

Sunday Discussion: Dog Hit By Car, Guns Pulled Out, And Cuss Words, Oh My

This is a post I wanted to write on Friday, after the events that took place on Thursday night, but I wanted to think about, and reflect some more about what I […]

18 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

18 Days Left Until Christmas 2014 At The North Pole: Another thing to think about up in the North Pole is, how many buildings and homes are there.  Well, there are not […]

Video Roundup: Korean BBQ Lasagna, Target Black Friday Pep Talk, Puppy Waking Up For Let It Go

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 15 videos of the week! Little Girl Puts Gaston In His Place The girl is smart! Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer Don’t think the […]

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