How Buffer App Handled Their Hacking The Right Way

Hackings are a part of life in the online world.  Many major websites have experienced an episode of being hacked including the New York Times for example.  So hackings can and will […]

Video Roundup: Robot Boys, Media Reacts Yeah Baby, Moustache History

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 15 videos of the week! Robot Boys Really good dancing! Halloween Light Show 2013- The Fox Great work! Media Reacts: Yeah, Baby Edition Are they […]

1st Annual Hub Network Halloween Bash Premieres Tonight

Tonight at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific, the Hub Network presents the 1st annual Hub Network Halloween Bash.  The special was taped last weekend and is hosted by Kenan Thompson. […]

Good News Fridays: Jetset Getset / PACER Working To End Bullying

Even though we are nearing the end of October, October is a very important month for some people who have gone through something that they wish other kids will never have to […]

Halloween ComicFest This Weekend

This weekend (October 26-27) is Halloween Comicfest.  This event is run by the same folks who do Free Comic Book Day.  Did you know that your local comic book specialty shop is […]

TV Review: Spooksville On Hub Network

I admit, there is a lack of mystery and suspense shows aimed for kids and families.  Yes, shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are very popular and are filled […]

Celebrate My Drive Voting Ends On Saturday

This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week.  This week is important to focus on safe driving because car accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers across the U.S. […]

Music Thursdays: Ylvis – Massachusetts / The Paper Kites

This week, I am showing off the latest video from Ylvis.  You should know them, they are that talk show group from Norway who have their own comedy show called “I kveld med […]

Aspie Recipes: Clone of Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Whenever I go to Burger King, I always like to get a slice of Hershey’s Sundae Pie.  Each slice of pie is individually sliced and ready to dig right in after I […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Georgia Wanting to License Bicycles

Cyclists in the south have to often deal with not so friendly drivers.  Some drivers throw trash at cyclists, say bad words at cyclists, and some drivers even attempt to run cyclists […]

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