Playing Desert Bus All In The Name Of Charity

Are you really bored and you are looking for an interesting game to play online?  Then I have found the perfect game for you!  This game is often called the worst video […]

TV Reviews: @ Midnight / The Pete Holmes Show

Over the past few weeks, two new shows have appeared on the 11 pm central timeslot, or midnight Eastern.  These shows are catering to the young adult crowd who tends to stay […]

Animation Monday: 2013 Nominees For The National Toy Hall Of Fame

UPDATE:  Chess and the rubber duck were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.  Sorry fans of turtles and ponies. As you know, many cartoon shows on TV are based off toys […]

Sunday Discussion: East Alabama The 5th Poorest Area In America

Just when things could not get any worse for all of East Alabama, a new article from and Yahoo News comes out and it paints a very bleak picture for East […]

Recap Of Terrell Owens On Iyanla: Fix My Life

Everyone should know about the life of Terrell Owens, he is a former NFL football player who always caused scenes on the football field when he scored touchdowns.  Remember this scene where […]

Video Roundup: Virgin America Safety Video, Astronaut Guide, No Woman No Drive

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 16 videos of the week! An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth Chris Hadfield is awesome! Virgin America Safety Video The best airline safety video […]

Good News Fridays: I Charleston Huntsville / Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth

This week on Good News Fridays, I am featuring two different videos that are very inspirational!  Both of these videos should leave a big smile on your face and I enjoyed watching […]

Halloween at Glenwood Terrace 2013

Halloween night was awesome at Glenwood Terrace.  Every Halloween, many people come out to the Glenwood Terrace neighborhood to trick-and-treat.  The main attraction each year is the headless horseman played by Craig […]

Six Cool Halloween Synchronized Lights Videos

Most of us went out tonight for Halloween, and now we are sitting back and maybe eating some of the kids trick-or-treat candy.  So why not sit back and enjoy a couple […]

Score Some Scary Halloween Deals 2013

I know many of you are going to go out tonight for the Halloween activities, I am as well!  Since many of you are going out, you are probably going out to […]

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