Let Us Cover Your Events


Contact Us at: NathanYoung@GeekAlabama.com

Geek Alabama has done numerous weekend events and even events during the week!  Everything has been covered from conventions, runs, festivals, shows, concerts, sporting events, arts, foodie events, expos, camps, speaking events, and more!

Geek Alabama welcomes anyone who is willing to let us cover your event.  Your event must be family friendly.  Your event posts will be shared on Geek Alabama, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  And with around 1,250 to 1,500+ views a day, it will be seen by many people!  Check out our stats at: https://geekalabama.com/media-pr/

If you want to learn more or partner to do event coverage, contact Nathan Young at: NathanYoung@GeekAlabama.com or by Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/nvyoung; or by Twitter @nvyoung.  Check out past event coverage posts below!

Read Weekend Events posts at: https://geekalabama.com/category/weekend-event-stuff/

Read Local Scene posts at: https://geekalabama.com/category/local-scene-stuff/


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