Geek Alabama Crowdsourcing Guidelines

Every weekday morning, Geek Alabama does Crowdsourcing Mornings, this segment features a crowdsourcing project from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdsourcing site.  Geek Alabama has a few guidelines for talking about a crowdsourcing project.

  • The crowdsourcing project must have a reasonable project goal.  For example, we will not talk about a project that is asking for example $100,000 when only an extremely small amount has been raised.
  • The crowdsourcing project can not beg Geek Alabama to talk about their project, especially when the project has to raise a lot of money to reach their goal with only a few days left.
  • The crowdsourcing project must either have sections on their project page to allow Geek Alabama to copy and paste words for an article or send Geek Alabama a press kit to use for the Crowdsourcing Mornings post.
  • The crowdsourcing project must be family friendly.
  • The crowdsourcing project must have a fully detailed project page, to show the readers that the project is legit.
  • Geek Alabama would really appreciate if the crowdsourcing project would mention us on their project page or on their social media! You can use our Geek Alabama logo below!
  • If possible, Geek Alabama would also like a chance to review your product.  If you want Geek Alabama to review the product being crowdsourced, contact us at:
  • By having your crowdsourcing project featured on Geek Alabama, it does not guarantee that your project will be funded!

All crowdsourcing projects on Geek Alabama will feature 2-3 paragraphs about the project, the project video, a picture of the project, and a link to the project page.  The crowdsourcing post will also list two pledges from the project page.

What you will get when your crowdsourcing project is on Geek Alabama?

  • 1,250 to 1,500 views a day.
  • 35,000 to 45,000 views a month.
  • Link to the post shared on the Nathan Young social media accounts.
  • Link to the post shared on the Geek Alabama social media accounts.
  • Link will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • We will place a link to your project on the bottom of the article.
  • We will place your project video, picture, a few paragraphs, and a link to your crowdsourcing project.
  • The article will stay up and never be deleted, unless you request it to be removed.

If you want to learn more about submitting a crowdsourcing project on Geek Alabama , contact Nathan Young at: Check out our media/pr page at: