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Thank you for visiting the #HireNathan page on Geek Alabama!  Hello geeks and nerds; let me introduce you to what I am.  Nathan Young does a lot of wonderful things in the media world, from writing, photography, videography, and social media. My current home is the blog and website Geek Alabama.  There I do everything from geeky/nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, cooking, community coverage, promotions, and anything else to give any geek and/or nerd an organism.

If it’s anything any geek and/or nerd would care about, I am usually talking about it.  From conventions, gaming, crowdsourcing, tech, movies, TV shows, comics, books, food, videos, apps, and more.  If you are looking for articles anyone would love reading, you have come to the right place!  If you are looking for someone who can cover events with pictures and videos, cover products and shows, speak at events, cover your products, or attend your conventions, consider me!  Every geek and/or nerd from trekkies, whovians, and even bronies, already has!

Nathan Young has experience with writing, website development, social media, photography, videography, blogging, podcasting, and more!  I regularly get requests to cover and do things from events, businesses, products, TV shows, movies, books, games, websites, apps, food, conventions, concerts, weather, presentations, infographics, and other reviews.  As you can see, I do a lot in the media and online world!  If you need to know the most interesting thing about me, I draw roads!  That’s right; I draw roads and highways on paper!  If you want to learn more about how I draw my roads, go to: https://geekalabama.com/road-drawings/ or view the presentation below!

roads 027

On my social media feeds, you learn that I do it all in the media world!  From writing, photography, videography, social media, and more!  I do a lot of media work, and without earning an income, to make sure everyone is informed or enjoys the coverage I provide on Geek Alabama.  I do not fully concentrate on things that get most people worked up, like religion or politics or what you see on other websites.  What I do on Geek Alabama is to highlight the good things people do.  I highlight the events that you should attend.  I highlight the movies, TV shows, or videos that you should be watching.  I highlight the products, books, games, websites, apps, and other things that you should try.  I highlight the food and recipes that you should try.  I highlight the things that anyone who is a geek and/or nerd needs to know about.  And I do other things that make people informed, without working up people to make them angry or unhappy.

If you need to learn more about what to expect from me or Geek Alabama, read my Media Kit below!

So, what are the five biggest things you need to know about Nathan Young?  For starters, I am an advanced and experienced photographer.  I have taken thousands of great pictures featuring events.  Everything from festivals, elections, concerts, events, fundraisers, charities, sporting events, weather shots, homecomings, and more I have shot with my DSLR camera.  Here are some of the top pictures from events I have attended.  To see more pictures, visit my photo blog Traffic Light Pixels at:  http://trafficlightpixels.com/

roads-014tumblr_mn3m60d5Zl1rpj3m6o1_1280 relay 293

banquet 603stuff 255week 3 207

Second, I am also an experienced and advanced videographer.  I have taken some great video coverage with my DSLR camera.  Videos range from event coverage, weather coverage, reviews, interviews, sports coverage, concert coverage, vlogs, cooking videos, road videos, and more!  Below are some of my top videos all shot by or involving me, to see more videos go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcncpt44

Third, I have written a wide variety of great articles for the Geek Alabama website.  Articles range from current topics, interviews, recipes, reviews, promotions, business posts, community posts, geeky/nerdy talk, and more!  I have written around 5,000 articles now and many articles have gone on to be read and shared by many on the online world!  To see some of my best articles I have written, visit my Muck Rack portfolio at: http://muckrack.com/nvyoung

muck rack

Fourth, I have created some awesome presentations and infographics on SlideShare.  I have done things ranging from life lessons, social media, informal things, things about me, things about local stuff, things you can learn about, and much more!  Some of my presentations have been featured on the SlideShare frontpage, and have thousands of views!  Below are some of my most popular presentations, see all of my presentations and infographics at: http://www.slideshare.net/nathanyoung

And fifth, I have a growing and popular social media feeds.  I am on a wide variety of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more!  I have developed my own social media feeds to be followed by many people.  And I have also developed social media feeds for other businesses and organizations.  Speaking of social media, I have many followers on multiple social media sites.  Here is a list of all of the social media sites I am on!

Social Media

To sweeten the deal about why you should hire Nathan Young, here are a few presentations, videos, and infographics that you should see!  First off is the Nathan Young Visual Resume, which has over 15,000 views on SlideShare!

Next is the Nathan Young Video Resume / CV, which I have re-done to make it better!

Next is the Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic, which is growing pretty quickly!

And then there is the Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic, which has over 4,000 views!

And here is the Nathan Young Visual Resume Storyline for your enjoyment!

There is the Nathan Young Cover Letter, which explains why I would be a great hire for anyone!

And here is an infographic highlighting my job and education history!

I have gone through a long and bumpy road to try to land my next job and/or career.  Even though I have been denied many times, I keep on going and don’t give up!  I just make my writing, videos, photos, and presentations better!  I always try to stay positive and dream big!  People who knows me always says that something good is going to happen to me.  Maybe you are that person or organization that will propel me to the next level!

So that is why I have written the #HireNathan campaign page.  Because I want something great to happen for me!  Thank you for viewing this page!  If you are looking for someone who works hard and is caring for others, than Nathan Young is for you!  If you or someone you know is looking for a creative person who can take your company or organization to the next level, than I am your guy!

About Me Cover

If you would like to contact me, e-mail me at NathanYoung@GeekAlabama.com.  Or contact me on Facebook at:  facebook.com/nvyoung or on Twitter @nvyoung.

And please share this page by using the hashtag #HireNathan to help get this page noticed!


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