Thoughts About Fear The Walking Dead S1 Finale / The Walking Dead S6 Premiere


This post is going to talk about plenty of zombies on The Walking Dead.  But first, I wanted to talk about the Fear the Walking Dead season finale.  I wrote about how stale the first episodes were in this new series, but the last two episodes turned it around for me!  I mean, the military capturing people and killing innocent people was ugly.  But leaving people behind because things were getting out of hand was even uglier!

zombie 1

Anyways, I am glad to see the zombie herd locked inside an arena let out, and attacking the military compound and eating the army alive!  The last 10 minutes was hard to watch, as a nurse had to be shot in the head by Travis, and seeing his emotion after killing someone, welcome to the zombie afterlife!  It looks like they will be getting onto a boat and going somewhere away from LA.    Season two will be entirely shot in Vancouver, Canada.  So I guess the boat will take them to a setting like Vancouver?  I guess we will wait and see!

walking dead 2

Season two of Fear The Walking Dead will air in Spring 2016, and we will also get a Talking Dead after each episode!  Enough FTWD talk, let’s talk about its big brother, The Walking Dead.  Last weekend was the season six premiere, and the episode was something way different.  The episode featured the Alexandria gang building a walled road to lead thousands of zombies away from a quarry.  There were plenty of flashbacks in the episode, done all in black and white which gave it the horror touch, I loved it!  So, what are the three things to learn from this episode?

Daryl is a badass

I loved seeing Daryl leading the zombie herd down the road on a motorcycle.  You knew they would have to include a shot like this below!

walking dead 1

The people in Alexandria are screwed

In the episode, you saw how the Alexandria residents building the wall were scared of defending themselves from the zombies.  And it took Rick, Daryl, and Morgan to kill the zombies.  Like in the comics, I think a lot of residents in Alexandria will be soon eaten alive.

walking dead 3

The Wolves wants Alexandria gone

In the last few minutes, someone begins to blow a loud car horn, and suddenly the zombies go off roading, and start heading towards the source of the car horn, through the woods.  Of course you see a sign for the Alexandria neighborhood, and you immediately know that Alexandria is screwed.  Like in the comics, Alexandria will soon be overrun by zombies!

walking dead 4walking dead 5

So, over the course of season six, I think you will see the Alexandria neighborhood overrun by the undead.  And just like in the season premiere, the Alexandria residents will be picked off one of one, until there are few to none left.  I also wonder which major characters will die this season?  This will be a rocking season six!

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TV Review: Fear The Walking Dead

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So the spinoff of the very popular series The Walking Dead is off and running.  In Fear The Walking Dead, we see what happens when the zombie apocalypse starts in southern California.  Since we are four episodes in, I want to talk about my thoughts so far.

The first two episodes were basically getting introduced to the family, and seeing the very beginning of everything hitting the fan.  School gets cancelled, and everyone is blaming a virus outbreak for people dying then becoming zombies.  Come on, do you know how to kill zombies?  Shoot them in the head, not in the mid section.  Who would want to be out in a middle of riot, with zombies eating people alive?  Seeing the police and other people being eaten by zombies was not a surprise, because these people don’t know what is coming.  But don’t worry, the US Military is coming to the rescue!

Episode three sees the parents escaping the riots.  And I could tell that not everything was not shot in Los Angeles, some of this was shot in Vancouver.  Look at the traffic lights!  Everyone becomes acquainted with the zombies, I mean shoot that zombie lady through the fence already!  The family did not have the guts, the military did.  And so far, the best performances have to come from that Hispanic family, and that kid, who knows what is going on.  Anyways, the military comes in, and creates fenced off zones to keep the healthy people inside and safe.

Outside the fence, it’s a whole another world!  It’s so empty that the military leader can practice his golf swing!  Who cares where the golf ball lands and breaks something.  I think you can tell with only two episodes left that the military fenced off safe zone is not going to survive.  And by the end of season one, everyone is going to be scrambling.  But, I don’t predict what happens on The Walking Dead very well, and I would not be surprised if everyone stays in that safe zone, and much of the military gets eaten alive.  Or something else is going to happen, but I want one thing!

I want more zombie gruesome eating people alive action!  The first two episodes were kind of lackluster, the third episode picked up the zombie action, and the fourth episode was okay if you enjoyed seeing dead zombies and people lying around.  Other than the acting, I watch The Walking Dead for the zombies, and them killing off other people.  We have not seen that much yet on Fear The Walking Dead.  I hope that changes very soon!  Judging by how this franchise works, the season finales are usually very epic.  And I am hoping the season one finale of Fear The Walking Dead will be epic, with zombie killing action!


I have not given up on Fear The Walking Dead yet.  I understand what the creators and writers are doing, showing what happens when civilization is ending and zombies takes over everything.  There is no way the US Military can save the world, they will soon be doomed!  Come of Fear The Walking Dead, bring me zombies that kills off a major character action!  That is all I want!  I will give you until the end of the first season to deliver on that promise!

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TV Review: America’s Next Weatherman

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I try to catch new TV shows on TV, and some shows are great with wonderful writing, characters, and storytelling.  While others, well they are a piece of junk!  And this new show on TBS called America’s Next Weatherman is a major piece of junk!  The show is made by the folks from Funny or Die, and you could tell that they tried to put their brand of humor in this show.  From the host wanting to repeat his closing lines, and seeing him in a confessional.  And of course, the rejected audition tapes.  One has to wonder if the people applying to this show had any idea Funny or Die was behind this.

The contestants are something I find weird.  Sure, some of the people are meteorologists, or people in or studying to be in the news business.  But, there are also some people who have no business being on a reality show about picking America’s top meteorologist.  I mean, a beauty queen and a pastor, you could tell that Funny or Die was trying to not take this show seriously!  So, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of America’s Next Weatherman.  The contestants are divided into the red and blue teams.  They faced their first challenge that had them hold up a microphone in a weather center with leaves, rain, and snow falling on them.  They had to say their “cues” when a red light went off in front of them, and they had to add weight to keep a balloon from popping.  What does this have to do with weather?

The second challenge had the contestants place a weather icon at a city on a world map.  Sadly, I don’t think the host Matt Oberg can even read a ruler, come on and pick the winning team already!  Oh, and nice job faking that you were flying in a helicopter over LA in the beginning of the show, that was faked.  You can tell when you saw that; this show was going to be a piece of junk!  The losing team sends two people to the cast off, where they each talk about the weather in a forecast.  Thank you pastor for waking up and realizing that this show was junk!  In fact, everyone should join the pastor and just quit, because this show is a joke!

The loser gets their coffee mug smashed to the ground by the host, and that’s it!  Oh, the loser walks out to a studio stage where it’s raining on them, a fitting end to this show.  So, this is a show where you face challenges that have nothing to do with reporting the weather on TV.  You report for a fake TV station called 4 KAST NEWS.  You have to face the people from Funny or Die who is intent in making this show a joke.  And the winner gets $100,000, an agent, and will get to report the weather on CNN.  God I hope that will go well!  America’s Next Weatherman is another example on why more and more people are cutting the cord and only streaming shows they want to watch!  Hey why not try this cable TV, make more shows that people will want to watch, and pay those higher cable bills to watch legally.

At the end, America’s Next Weatherman is a show that should not be taken seriously.  Weather should be taken seriously!  Here in Alabama, we have people who are scared of weather, especially after the April 27th tornado outbreak.  Sure, let’s make weather a joke, that will go well!  And nice job picking contestants that don’t know that the capital of Alabama is Montgomery.  I am glad this is on super late on Saturday nights; it should instead be taken off the air and cancelled.

TV Review: Uranium: Twisting The Dragon’s Tail

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Over the past two nights, a wonderful mini-series aired on PBS.  The series is called Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail.  The series is hosted of Derek Muller, a YouTube personality.  And I thought he did a good job hosting.  The first hour of the series focused on the history of uranium and the atomic bomb.  Derek went to places like Australia, where the first uranium was discovered, to the Czech Republic, where the first uranium/silver was mined, to New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was tested.  And it profiled the area in Japan where the atomic bomb was dropped.  The hour had great science and graphics to it, like the dragon changing colors in the different processes of uranium.  And the pool scene where pool balls were used to represent a uranium atom, that was a good way talking about atoms!

The second episode was more of what can happen when uranium is abused.  Derek went to Chernobyl and the areas around it where it is contaminated with radiation.  Yes, it’s a city in ruins and it shows you what would happen if human civilization ceased to exist.  The soccer ball animation about half-life was cool!  The episode also shows the good side of nuclear, the non-dangerous side where it can be used to save lives.  The episode also talks about the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami, and the nuclear disaster in Japan.  We get to see another area where it’s abandoned, and nature is just starting to take over the area.  You still see the traffic lights running, and Coke machines with products in them.

Derek follows a family back to their home with high levels of radiation.  And just like the areas around Chernobyl, that area will be without people for hundreds of years.  The end talks about the future for uranium.  Guess what, nuclear power is not going away and more plants are being built.  And more waste from nuclear plants will be generated.  So what is the future of uranium?  Keep using it and risk accidents like Chernobyl and Japan.  Or abandon it and never use it again.  At the end, uranium will still be around!  I found this as a wonderful series about the history and used of uranium.  It told the story in simple terms with great interviews and animations.

If you want to learn about the history of uranium, what uranium has been used for and how it’s being used today, and what could happen when uranium is misused and abused, this series told you everything!  And one more thing, this series shows you that people who do YouTube videos can be good hosts on TV!  You just have to give them a chance to shine!  See, YouTube is not a place to watch cat videos, there is some good stuff on there!  Uranium – Twisting The Dragon’s Tail will air in other countries over the next month, you should watch it!  For us in the United States, you can watch it now for free at:

TV Review: Knock Knock Live

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So I tried to get on the new FOX show called Knock Knock Live, but after a few e-mails, nothing happened.  I thought it would still be a good time to at least review the show.  I mean episode one did very poor in the ratings with only around 1.75 million viewers and a 0.6 18-49 rating, not something you want when you start a new show, even in the Summer!  So the show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest in front of a studio audience.  And most of the show features live shots from around the country.

Sure, making people pick up fake money in a California neighborhood has to be fun!  I saw that the police was even there blocking off the street.  So for starters, I don’t think the people in California and Nashville were “surprised”, they had to know about the TV lights, cameras, and the huge crowds outside!  Now the pre-recorded segments were probably surprises.  I am glad the families featured are getting some help with money, supplies, and even a vacation, but I have a problem with Knock Knock Live.

I found the show very boring and stale.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad FOX is trying to put together a good show like Knock Knock Live, but I think it needs a little more juice!  There were plenty of star power, but I thought the show tried way too hard to keep you watching!  Heck, with major crowds, TV cameras, and lights outside in your neighborhood, you have to think that these families knew that they were going to be on live TV, and they were told to “act like you were surprised.”

At the end, I will probably not watch Knock Knock Live again.  But you know what FOX, it looks like you are still looking for people!  I am embedding my casting video, presentation, and podcast again.  I told you that if you wanted good ratings that you needed to consider me, it’s not too late to right the sinking ratings ship!