Movie Review: Grim Reapers Alabama Movie

Geek Alabama Movie Review

Recently, the folks who made the movie Grim Reapers sent me a DVD to review the movie.  The entire movie was shot in Alabama in and around Russellville.  The movie was written, directed, and produced by Russellville native Cade Saint.  And as you can guess, the movie is a horror/thriller movie around Halloween.  Before I get into the details of the movie, watch the movie trailer below!

The movie features talent from Alabama.  The stars are Andrew Wilson Williams and Ryan Patrick Williams who are brothers in Baldwin County.  The beginning features their father who sees a spooky person on Halloween night.  Oh, don’t mind the spooky creature with weird hands!  The father gets so spooked out that he goes into the woods to search for this creature, but is never seen again!  The kids are of course freaked out, and the scene where the younger brother is cussing out the older brother was interesting.  All throughout the movie, I had to wonder where were the parents at!

I mean the father was gone, and when you see the younger brother hitchike in the rain to his death, you know it’s time for better parents!  Anyways, the older brother goes to the father’s house, and is joined by two friends.  They sit around and talk, but soon the same spooky creature terrorizes the three people.  One of the friends goes out to a barn in the woods, and is soon wounded by the creature.  I loved the scene where the creature had his blade up to the chin of the person wounded.  Then the girl in the group is stabbed and killed in the basement, and soon the older brother is gone as well.

The thing I did not like was the few effects showing the killings.  The older brother just said “don’t hurt my older brother” before the creature’s hand was put over his face.  The best killing had to be the girl being killed, I would have love to see more graphic killing of this person.  And the other friend in the barn died after the older brother came to the barn, the most common movie scene in history.  Die after someone you love sees you for the last time.  Now, the movie only had a budget of $25,000, so I will give them a pass on the killing scenes.  I am sure they would have stepped up the killings if the budget was bigger!

The part of the movie I had the most troubles with was the lack of pace.  The first 10 minutes features very few words being said.  And up until the last 1/3rd of the movie, you don’t find a lot of action.  Sure, the acting could be better at some scenes, but this is a low-budget horror movie.  I thought the acting was good enough, and you will enjoy the last 1/3rd of this movie, when the creppy person thing goes on his killing rampage.  And after the older brother and the two friends is killed off, what happens to the younger brother, well watch and see what happens.  I would also loved to see more of the creature, and his face!

When I watch a horror movie, I want killing, the more graphic the better.  While others are holding their eyes shut or covering their faces, I am sitting there munching on some popcorn and rooting on the bad guy!  That’s who I am.  In Grim Reapers, you don’t get a lot of bad guy action, but plenty of teasers.  There’s only so many times you can move the shower curtain, or slam the door, to get the audience’s attention.  I wanted more gruesome action, and I got some at the end, but not in the first 2/3rds of the movie.  If anything, I would have loved to see the death of the father!


Anyways, Grim Reapers did a good job for the low budget they had!  Remember, this was not a million dollar Hollywood produced movie, it was just a low budget film made by people getting into the movie business.  To sum things up, Grim Reapers was good for people getting their feet wet in filmmaking.  If you want to support a good horror/thriller movie made and shot in Alabama, by people living in Alabama, give Grim Reapers a shot!

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Movie Review: Jurassic World

Geek Alabama Movie Review

On this Movie Reviews post, I am going to review Jurassic World. The new dinosaur freak out movie that has become the highest grossing film over an opening weekend ever! Yep, dinosaurs have beaten superheroes; this is something Marvel has taken notice of.

So, I used a free movie ticket to go see Jurassic World at my local theater. I was afraid that this movie would be too cheesy and only care about the biggest and baddest dinosaurs. You know, there are a lot more than dinosaurs, right? I am here to say that I used my free movie ticket wisely, and this was worth seeing, and you must see this! So, I am going into more detail below so if you have not seen this movie, don’t read below, SPOILER ALERT!


The movie begins in Christmas time with plenty of snow on the ground. Parents were getting ready to send their kids to “Jurassic World” on Isla Nublar. This is a full dinosaur theme park, and people here are stupid and crazy to trust that nothing bad would happen, right? The theme park has everything you need in a dinosaur theme park. Holographic dinosaurs and museum, a dinosaur petting zoo, a dinosaur monorail, a downtown area with everything you need including a Starbucks and a jewelry store, a Sea World type attraction with a Mosasaurus, a gyroscope attraction where you see a dinosaur savannah, and lots more!

I am going to say this, the first 30 minutes of this movie was quite boring. I wanted to see the action quickly! I was kind of hoping one of those small petting zoo dinosaurs would have bitten off a hand of one of those small kids, that would have gotten the action going in a gruesome and violent way! Anyways, the kids are named Zach and Gray Mitchell, and they got VIP access to the park because their aunt named Claire Dearing is the park’s operations manager. But don’t worry, Claire is too busy watching those beautiful dinosaurs in that fancy control room, and she has her assistant named Zara watch the kids. And as usual, the assistant loses the kids; her punishment comes later in the movie!

The park was too busy playing God by recruiting more investors with bigger dinosaurs to maintain the park’s attendance. To get bigger dinosaurs, InGen’s geneticists have created a new genetically modified dinosaur called Indominus rex made from the DNA of several predatory dinosaurs. Yeah, playing God has worked so well in the past Jurassic Park movies. And before I go further, kudos to the writers for including a character who was wearing a classic Jurassic Park shirt! Also, kudos for exploring the old Jurassic Park enclosure later in the movie! We can’t forget about our past, can’t we!


We then see Chris Pratt who is Owen Grady, a Velociraptor expert and trainer. Yes, Chris was a dinosaur animal trainer in this movie. I mean, why in the hell would you train dinosaurs? You learn later in the movie why training dinosaurs is a very bad idea! You know what is worse? Using Velociraptors for the US Military! Vic Hoskins, head of InGen security, is interested in training the park’s four Velociraptors for military use. I mean, using dinosaurs for military police, how well will that go, and how many people would be eaten alive before these dinosaurs were bombed?

Soon, the quiet stuff ends and the crazy stuff begin! First off, that genetically modified dinosaur had the smarts of a human being. He fooled the staff that he escaped the enclosure, and it lured some people to their deaths! The only downside here is the death scenes were not that gruesome! There was hardly any blood and guts. I so wanted to see the same blood and guts you see on The Walking Dead, but I guess that would have meant Jurassic World would be rated “R.” Seriously, I was yelling “YES” in the theater when the dinosaurs killed those security guards. And oh man, the action gets better!


The team in that high tech control room needed their brains checked, because they actually sent a large security team to capture, but not kill the Indominus. Yeah, we had a bunch of stupid people in that control room. Maybe that old school Jurassic Park shirt was making everyone stupid! Most of the security team is killed and/or eaten alive. Here we go again, we needed to see more blood and gore, but we got PG’ish type violence instead, I want the violence everyone! So, the fancy control room sees everyone dying, and it finally gets across their stupid heads that they might need to evacuate the park? Well, it was too little too late, as you see later in the movie!

While this was going on, Gray and Zach were in the gyrosphere. And sure the dinosaurs were neat to see, but why was Jimmy Fallon being the instructional person? If I was in that gyrosphere, I would not want a comedian telling me how I can stay safe from dinosaurs! Boy, it kind of makes me feel bad, but I kind of wished Jimmy Fallon was actually a person in this movie, who was violently killed by a dinosaur. The same goes for Jimmy Buffet, who was also in this movie! Gray and Zach sneak away in that gyrosphere, and I was secretly wishing at least one of those kids would be killed in this movie; it was about time after all.


Gray and Zach encounter that Indominus, and are almost killed, darn it Chris Pratt for saving the day! Other than the kids being spoiled and stupid, I liked how you saw that the younger kid was a true geek! They jumpstarted a jeep and got back to the main village. And yes Owen and Claire survive too. We see a part in the movie where any person who loves animals has their heartstrings pulled. We see an Apatosaurus take its last breath, with some great puppetry work! After this, the real actions and deaths begin! A helicopter crash kills a couple of people, then the pterosaurs escape, and the fun begins. My only gripe, I wished the peterosaurs would have caused more deaths and gore! That death of Zara was a treat! This would have been a good time to see kids and entire families dying!

Because of the mayhem, Hoskins assumes command and decides to use the Velociraptors to track and kill the Indominus; Owen reluctantly agrees with the plan. Yes, this is the part where Chris Pratt is riding the motorcycle with those velociraptors. But, no one plans what happens next! The indominus gets the veociraptors to turn on the humans, and more deaths begin! Again, more blood and gore please! I go into a dinosaur movie wanting to see blood, guts, and gruesome deaths! This is the part where you can tell they were planning future movies! Hoskins has Dr. Wu helicoptered off the island with dinosaur embryos, protecting his dinosaur research. Time for more Jurassic World movies!


Soon, Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray find themselves alone in the downtown area. Ah yes, we see a raptor killing off Vic Hoskins. That was one of the least violent deaths of the entire movie! The biting off of the hand was like trying! You need to bring in experts from The Walking Dead to show you how gruesome a hand being bitten off can be! This was also a good revenge death, no one will miss you Vic! And then the writing and storylines get very bland! Yes, the battle between the Indominus and the T-Rex was cool! But why were the four humans not running, and running far away? I was so hoping the indominus would have killed off that younger kid, it was so close! And you can tell that there were plenty of product placements here! Hey guys, now is a good time to get a diamond ring while a T-Rex was trying to eat you! Come on, the product placements were lame!

Yes, the four people escape. Owen and Claire kiss each other. Zach and Gray will never want to see dinosaurs ever again. And the lawyers were already in that airport hanger meeting with those injured in a dinosaur amusement park. Who on a jury would believe that going to a dinosaur amusement park was a smart move by the way? If this was real life, I don’t think any lawsuits would be successful. Next time be smart for once, and don’t encounter dinosaurs! These injured people won’t have to worry about dinosaurs anymore, but do not worry! The park will soon be open once again!


Jurassic World is blowing everyone’s expectations out of the water! Obviously, Universal will now be planning for more movies in front of dinosaurs. The next movie might not be in a dinosaur amusement park, but we will soon get to relive our appetite for dinosaurs. As for this movie, the writing and storylines were sometimes bland, but the action scenes were awesome and jumping out of your seat fun! I wish the movie would have included more blood, more gore, more guts, and more gruesome deaths! This is what I wanted. What I got instead was a Disney-like version of what a violent dinosaur movie should be! It could have been better in the death department, and I hope the next Jurassic World will have better deaths!

To sum things up, Jurassic World was a good movie! And I would go see it, it was worth it! But Universal, make the next Jurassic World even better. Even if the movie has to be rated “R”, okay!

Movie Review: Avengers Age Of Ultron

Geek Alabama Movie Review

Well, did you enjoy The Avengers: Age of Ultron? I mean, it’s on track to being one of the top grossing movies of all time! And the movie will be the top grossing movie of 2015. Well, at least until the new Star Wars film comes out this Christmas. So, did you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery in Korea, South Africa, and Italy? Did you enjoy seeing the Hulk on his rampage? Did you enjoy seeing Scarlet Witch trying to mind control some of the Avengers? And, did you enjoy seeing Ultron almost destroying Earth, and trying to understand the Human culture at the same time? I did! This is a movie review of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read below, SPOILER ALERT!


So, the movie began with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye trying to raid a Hydra outpost in the fictional European country of Sokovia. The slow motion action scenes and the team fighting all of those military personnel was great to watch, what a great way to start the movie! The raid was to stop Wolfgang von Strucker, who has been experimenting on humans using the scepter previously wielded by Loki. Two of the experiments were twins Petro who has superhuman speed and Wanda who can put people under hypnosis. Stark was able to get Loki’s scepter and they discovered something very big!

The scepter has artificial intelligence inside the scepter’s gem. And before we see more about this, it was party time! We got to see Stan Lee get drunk, and we also got to see plenty of character development and laugher and jokes between the team. A good part about this movie other than the action scenes were the jokes and talk between the characters. More superhero movies needs to do what The Avengers has done beautifully. As for the scepter, it is secretly used to complete Stark’s “Ultron” global defense program. Ultron believes that he must eradicate humanity to save Earth, and he almost gets its wish later in the movie.


Ultron takes control of JARVIS, and it builds a couple of robots to attack The Avengers at their headquarters. Remember, The Avengers are still recovering from that party, and you have to believe that some of them are probably a little drunk. It all could have ended right here, but they get control of Ultron, and he gets out of the headquarters. You see, Ultron is using the world’s internet to get around. And as for JARVIS, he hid on a back part of the internet. Ultron ends up back in Sokovia, and kills off Strucker. The machine then begins to build his own robot army, doom and gloom time!

Other than building the army, Ultron goes to African shipyard to get some vibranium. Ultron knows the entire internet that he instantly wired the bad guys a lot of money, and also ripped off an arm of Ulysses Kalue. The Avengers are on their trail, and track Ultron, but while trying to defeat Ultron, the Scarlet Witch does her dirty work, and begins to put some of The Avengers under this hypnotic trance. We got to see some past history of Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Hulk. It was amazing to watch their backstories, but we did not see much backstory from The Hulk. Instead, we saw the big green monster trying to destroy Johannesburg!

I love to see the bad things happen, so I wished we got to see more than just a hypnotic trance. I wished we saw Scarlet Witch put The Avengers under a full mind control! I mean, their entire minds are controlled and they can’t do anything else other than what they are told by their “master.” And man, did The Hulk cause some major damage, and some major backlash on social media! To get away from the mind controls and backlash, The Avengers goes into some hiding. And they hide on Hawkeye’s farm. We got to see that Hawkeye has a wife and two kids. And you begin to think that Hawkeye will be the one that is going to be killed later in the movie. I mean, the movie was doing a good job showing Hawkeye’s family. And you know that killing off the family man would be the thing this movie would do. Thankfully, Hawkeye’s wife and kids can breathe easier, because Hawkeye survives the final battle!

The team was about to break apart for good but then Nick Fury re-appears to talk the team into stopping Ultron. And stopping Ultron was crucial, because it was wanting to mind control Dr. Helen Cho and use her synthetic tissue technology vibranium, and the scepter’s gem to perfect a new body for him. A new body means game over for Earth! We got to see plenty of chase scenes in South Korea, and that runaway train scene was awesome! But, while Petro and Wanda were working with Ultron, Wanda reads Ultron’s mind, and discovers that it wants to destroy all humans on Earth! So naturally, the twins turns on Ultron. And Ultron can not keep that synthetic body, as The Avengers was able to take control of this body.

Stark was able to upload JARVIS into this synthetic body, and Thor returns from his soak in this cave hot springs to activate the body. The result, Vision is now here! And this is just in time, because Ultron is wanting to lift most of the Sokovia’s capital city upward using the rest of the vibranium to destroy humanity. Yep, many people become trapped on this lifting rock that is destined to come back down to kill them, and everyone on Earth too! The Avengers have two missions, stop the Ultron robots from activating the machine that would cause everyone to die, and protecting and evacuating the citizens. We get to see all of that amazing scenery of buildings crumbling, people almost falling to their death, and the Ultron robots wanting to destroy all humans!

And a miracle happens! Nick Fury and SHIELD arrives with a helicarrer to evacuate the citizens. The Avengers have to deal with stopping the Ultron robots from sabotaging the evacuation effort, and not letting the machine activate! And sadly, we see who dies, and it was Pietro. Yeah, Marvel was making us think that Hawkeye would die, but thankfully he lives, but it did get sad. It was either that kid or Pietro, I am sure some people were hoping that the kid would have died, so all the superheroes could have lived. To wrap things up, one of Ultron’s robots got to activate the machine, the rock falls to Earth, but Iron Man and Thor were able to overload the machine and destroy that rock. Well, everyone got to live, except for Pietro.


At the end, Vision makes sure Ultron is no longer a threat, Hulk flies off to Fiji, Hawkeye wants to retire and raise his family, Thor goes back to his home planet, and Tony Stark wants to step away from The Avengers, for now. But Captain America and Black Widow sticks around in a new Avengers headquarters, and we got to see a few new superheroes! And don’t worry, we will see Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye again in a future Avengers movie, I mean, Marvel wants their money! As for the movie, wow it was good! The writing and CGI scenes were perfection. The acting was some of the best of any Marvel movie. And all of the doom and gloom was hyped up, all for nothing.

Well, all superhero movies always ends with some good news, does it! I wish we would see a superhero movie where the results were different, and the superheroes were defeated, and everyone dies. While that rock was rising up into space, I was secretly wishing that The Avengers would fail, and that rock would crash back onto Earth, and we would see scenes of people dying. Maybe this is something DC Comics would be willing to do. The movie was really, really good! And I recommend all of you see it, ASAP! Now, let’s briefly talk about what Disney did with this movie. For the first time, they told all the theaters to not allow any passes. (employee, coupons, courtesy, free passes) This was the sign posted at my local theater.


I talked to the employees at the end of the movie, and they even can’t see the movie as an employee perk. Of course they can pay and see it, but this was an attempt by Disney to grab all the money they can. Look, it was not the fault of the theater chain, this was Disney wanting to stuff their vaults with as much of green paper as they can. Well, they will get to certainly do that!

Movie Review: Cut! Movie

Geek Alabama Movie Review

I was sent a DVD screener of the new movie called Cut!  Cut! is a horror/thriller film and it features plenty of cuss words, killing of people, and some nudity.  So this is a movie only the adults only should watch!  And this movie is nothing like the 2000 Cut! movie.  Cut! features an inspiring filmmaker who wants to make his own horror film.  In fact, during the movie you see other camera and microphone equipment in the background.


The filmmaker does this by scaring real people, especially hookers, how not smart there!  Soon, it begins to go too far and people begin to die!  One dies by a beheading, one dies by hanging, one gets ran over by a train, and it gets weird!  The filmmakers think killing for real to make a good movie makes sense, but killing for real will only get you killed!   David Rountree wrote and directed the film, and I thought he did a good job with directing.  For a horror film, I wish he would of made those death scenes even more gruesome!  They could of shown more blood and people being cut to death.

In between the killing scenes, I thought the dialogue was good, and good storytelling was . being shown.  The movie was one hour and 40 minutes long.  I thought the cop scenes was somewhat lackluster, and the end where the filmmaker was trying to sell his movie to a Hollywood studio was weird.  Yeah, kill real people and try to make money off of it.  You deserved to have your head chopped off, too bad it was only a dream!  The movie has already won some awards!

During the 2014 Independent Film and Television Festival, it won best film, best director, best leading actor, and the award of merit for audio.  And the website Movie Rankings ranks Cut! as the 4th overall horror movie in 2014.  The movie has plenty of things that are spooky and gross.  But I never was screaming from my couch during the movie.  It’s very hard to scare me!  It’s that hard to scare me I think haunted houses are fun places to go!

So, I think that Cut! was a good horror movie!  Psycho Rock Productions made a good movie!  And if you like horror movies you should check out Cut!  The movie is now out on DVD!  Learn more and order at:

Movie Review: Selma

Geek Alabama Movie Review

So, I have gone to see the movie “Selma.”  And I thought the movie was moving and rewarding.  After watching the two-hour film, I can not see why the Oscars did not give out more nominations for Selma.  This movie is something every Alabamian should see, and I am going to more details below.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read below!  SPOILER ALERT!


The first 15 minutes of Selma starts off very powerful.  Seeing Dr. King win the Nobel Peace Prize, in a country where people don’t care about the color of a person’s skin was great to see.  But, in 1960’s Alabama, you were quickly reminded of the major problems here.  You see a scene of the four black girls being blown up at the 16th Street Baptist Church.  The blow up scene was kind of graphic.  Then you see Annie Lee Cooper trying to register to vote.  But the whites in Alabama do anything possible to deny the black vote.  I mean, name all 67 county judges, who knows all of them?  Of course, Annie was denied the right to vote.

In the movie, I thought president Johnson was a jerk!  I mean, we all know the War on Poverty did not work.  And getting people out of poverty would not get more blacks to register to vote.  Dr. King kept forcing the issue on Johnson, he wanted federal legislation to allow blacks the right to vote unencumbered, without things like poll taxes or literacy tests.  What he got instead, was the FBI monitoring him, and white people punching and kicking him in Selma.  And what J. Edgar Hoover suggested, trying to break up Dr. King with his wife, man the federal government did not care about anything!  But that would soon change!

Dr. King got many people to join him and go down to the Selma courthouse to register to vote.  But of course, the police was there trying to stop the voting attempt.  Yes, things like telling the Negro’s to go home because there was too many of them was a real thing in Alabama.  And seeing the white police officers beat down a black person for no real good reason, that also happened in 1960’s Alabama.  Sadly, everyone in the group was arrested and thrown in jail.  And while Dr. King was in jail, Governor Wallace was holding these rude speeches telling everyone that he won’t allow any marches and the black people should just stay home, he was rude!

Even though Dr. King and the protesters are struggling to get their voice across, they keep trying!  The scene where the Alabama State Troopers broke up a nighttime demonstration, was extreme!  And no, trying to hide in a restaurant did not help things.  Soon, the troopers abuse innocent people, and shoot dead a black person.  Who cares which white person did it, the blacks are second class citizens in 1960’s Alabama.  Then, the defying event comes, the first march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge which became Bloody Sunday.  The movie did a good job depicting the violent scenes, and boy was it violent.

The big difference was Bloody Sunday was shown on TV and was in the media.  The movie did a great job showing scenes of people seeing the footage on TV, including President Johnson.  And no, Wallace and King are not going to agree on anything, no matter how much you want them Johnson.  The second march across the bridge was only halfway.  As King and the protesters kneeled down, then walked back.  Only because they wanted a judge’s order to march with no harassment from police or white people.  And only when several white supporters are beatened and murdered, is when President Johnson has the backbone to introduce the Voting Rights Act.

The final parts of the movie was great!  Seeing the judge approve the march.  Seeing people of all race colors celebrate and get ready for the march.  Seeing Dr. King’s speech in Montgomery.  And seeing the historic footage of the march, and how ugly the white people were, I saw that middle finger!  Thankfully the National Guard made sure nothing bad happened during the march!  As for the final credits, you get to see some photos during production, and they were some good photos!

So, I thought the performance of David Oyelowo as Dr. King was outstanding!  He should have been nominated for an Oscar!  Tom Wilkinson played a good Lyndon B. Johnson and Tim Roth played a good George Wallace.  And yes, the movie made sure it got plenty of shots of Oprah Winfrey playing Annie Lee Cooper.  Selma played the major moment in American history extremely well, despite the few flaws in the movie.  This movie demonstrates the fight for racial equality, which is still a problem even in Alabama today.  A good example was the bills that discriminated against Latino Americans, even if they are legal in America.

I think Selma should be a movie everyone in Alabama must see!  It would remind those who are against the rights of people of what would happen if you screw people around.  And for those who are for the rights of everyone, it would remind those that keeping the fight up will eventually result in change!  Dr. King’s message has never been more relevant, and you will feel inspired after seeing Selma.  From the dark moments in the film, to the right things being done at the end, you will feel happier after seeing Selma.  And maybe it will give you something to think about?  Go see Selma, you won’t regret it!