Introducing Geeks Helping Others


Like you, I was appalled to see the damage and destruction in Moore Oklahoma on Monday.  Many people are going to suffer for a very long time to rebuild their lives.  Some people are also going to mourn the loss of their loved ones.  Just look at some of the damage pictures and video.



Alabama had to go through the same situation back on April 27th, 2011.  People from Moore, OK and all over the world donated supplies and their time to rebuild people’s lives in Alabama and the southeast.  People in Alabama will never forget the people who helped us.  And now, people in Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast needs to step up and help the people in Moore, OK.  To co-inside with the Alabama Phoenix Festival this weekend, I introduce to you, Geeks Helping Others!

Geeks Helping Others

Geeks Helping Others will be the charitable arm of Geek Alabama!  Any money donated will go to organizations that will help the victims of any disaster.  Learn more by watching the video below!

For the Moore, OK tornado disaster, any funds donated will go to Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa and Operation Hug Me Tight.

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Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa got started after the April 27th tornado outbreak by helping people affected by the tornadoes.  They are now gathering supplies and funds to help the people in Moore, OK.  Operation Hug Me Tight is run by Angela Hager and the mission is to give Teddy Bears to kids affected by disaster.

I am going to be promoting Geeks Helping Others during the Alabama Phoenix Festival, I know the Moore, OK tornado will still be on the minds of many people during the festival.  And yes, I will tell people ways they can help.  Geeks and Nerds from all over often helps out other people after disasters.  We can show other people that we care!  That’s what Geeks Helping Others is all about!

To donate online go to:

To learn more go to:

To send money through the mail send to: Geek Alabama, 1400 Greenbrier Dear Rd Apt.  F-3, Anniston, AL 36207.