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Janina Gavankar and Colin Ferguson at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

The Alabama Phoenix Festival had two very special people who have appeared on very popular TV shows!  Let’s first talk about Janina Gavankar and her work on True Blood, The League, Arrow, […]

Allen Bellman and Gil Gerard at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

Two very respected figures in the geek/nerd world were at the Alabama Phoenix Festival this year!  I first want to talk about Allen Bellman!  Allen Bellman is an experienced comic book animator […]

Lego’s and Gaming at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

At the Alabama Phoenix Festival, there are plenty of other activities you can do other than attending panels!  There was a Lego area where kids could play with Lego’s.  The Lego’s were […]

Ernie Hudson and Robin Shelby at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

This year at the Alabama Phoenix Festival, Robin Shelby came back for her second year.  But there was another very special guest in the Ghostbusters movies as well!  Ernie Hudson played Winston Zeddemore in […]

Costumes at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013

At any con, you will have people who will dress up as their favorite characters.  Why not, it’s a geeky/nerdy con and people loves to show off their favorite fantasy characters!  So […]

To The Future DeLorean Car at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

During the Alabama Phoenix Festival, a special organization was there to show off a famous car seen in the Back to the Future movies.  To The Future is a charity run by Terry […]

Costume Show at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013

This year, there were many entries into the costume show!  Since there were so many entries, the judging took longer than usual and the costume show did not get started until around […]

Kids Activities at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

This year, the Alabama Phoenix Festival featured several activities for the kids to do!  I really thought this was a great move to get the kids involved as well!  Kids could play […]

Business Review: Kingdom Comics

One of the biggest sponsors of the Alabama Phoenix Festival is Kingdom Comics.  The comic book shop is one of the biggest in Alabama.  Kingdom Comics has a wide selection of comic […]

Doctor Osborn at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013

In the first of many posts to come from the Alabama Phoenix Festival, I once again meet up with Doctor Osborn who does an amazing job coming up with some balloon animals! […]

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