GeekNerdPoly Episode 5: It’s A Freefall In Alabama


Hooray, everything is falling apart in Alabama, awesome!  Driver License offices are closing, state parks are closing, state services are being cut, and nothing is being done to reform our stupid and outdated tax codes, that’s Alabama for you!  In episode 5 of GeekNerdPoly, I talk about things falling apart across Alabama, and the best is yet to come!


My Thoughts On 25 Years Of The Americans With Disabilities Act


So for this special birthday week post, I am going to include a The Southern Geek vlog, GeekNerdPoly podcast, and a presentation about my thoughts on 25 years of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  In my opinion, we have a long way to go before all Americans with disabilities can live the American dream!  I hope you take the time and enjoy the video, podcast, and presentation below!

GeekNerdPoly Episode 3: Why Cyberbullying Is Super Wrong


Episode 3 of my GeekNerdPoly podcast is now here!  In this episode, I talk about the recent problems of some people leaving me some hateful and evil comments on my YouTube channel.  Someone created a “Nathan Sucks” YouTube profile and went to about 15 different YouTube videos on my channel and left some evil comments.  I talk about this, and talk about why cyberbullying, and all kinds of bullying are wrong and should not be tolerated, enjoy!

GeekNerdPoly Episode 2: The Greece And Eurozone Crisis


Episode 2 of GeekNerdPoly is now here!  In this episode, I talk about the Greece financial crisis.  I talk about why Greece should really leave the Eurozone.  And I also talk about why the whole Eurozone thing is not a good idea.  You know, having many countries on one currency is not working out too well, don’t you think?  Enjoy the podcast!

The Evening Post: Yellowhammer’s CEO Ciff Sims Responds

Geek Alabama Evening Post

I was sick today so this will be the only post for the day!  Let me get this one out there, sure me and Cliff Sims might not agree on everything, but I do respect what he has done with his Yellowhammer News website.  If you were on Geek Alabama earlier this week I put out my very first short podcast called GeekNerdPoly.  I talked about gay marriage, Obama care, confederate flag, and Yellowhammer.  I thought it went well, and today Cliff Sims responded to me on Twitter.

First,  thank you for enjoying what I talked about, even if I had to be a little critical of Yellowhammer.  Cliff also wanted to get something corrected about what I said about him and the confederate flag.

Sorry about that Cliff, I am glad you wanted to get that corrected!  So, if you have not heard episode one of GeekNerdPoly below, give a listen!  Episode 2 will be about Greece and the Eurozone. Let’s just say I don’t think the Euro has a fighting chance!