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Get Your Limited Edition Oakley Socks From Gone To The Snow Dogs

Today is the last day!  If you don’t follow the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs you should!  The channel features three great husky dogs in their regular lives.  Now, the channel […]

Did Android Steal A Video Clip From Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

UPDATE: Noah’s Ark posted this on their Facebook page: We just spoke with the director of communications from the advertising agency that created the commercial, and she was extremely kind and understanding. […]

Get Ready To Celebrate The 6th Annual Alabama Week for the Animals

I got an e-mail from someone wanting me to talk about a special week coming up in Alabama, and this week is for the animals!  The 6th Annual Alabama Week for the Animals […]

View These GoPro Videos Featuring Wild Mustangs And Lions

I am writing this post while watching Super Bowl 49.  But I have seen these two videos from GoPro and they were worth sharing!  The first video features Clay Nannini, who runs […]

This Video Proves That Animals Have Feelings

UPDATE: According to BuzzFeed and Seattle Dog Spot, it looks like the owner of these dogs is a con artist!  You might want to read these two articles below. I […]

Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad Is The Right Way To Do An Puppy Ad

  Well Budweiser, you had me tear up again with your 2015 Super Bowl ad.  This year’s ad features a young puppy who escapes from a ranch in a back of a […]

Congrats GoDaddy For Making The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ad Ever

Hey GoDaddy, when you did get the brilliant idea to put a knife through the hearts of all animal lovers everywhere?  If you have not seen it yet, prepare yourselves for a […]

Watch This, A Siberian Husky And A Baby Chicken Became Best Friends

This video is one of the many reasons why I am a huge animal lover!  The YouTube channel Gohan The Husky uploaded a really cute animal video!  Who would think a Siberian husky and […]

Help Out The Cheaha Regional Humane Society By Adopting

Here is something to think about, since I am on an animal type of slant today on Geek Alabama.  Last week, many people here in Anniston/Oxford and Calhoun County did not take […]

Watch What Happens When A Puppy Is Home Alone In Indiana Bones – Raiders of the Lost Bark

What happens when you leave your puppy alone in your house when you go somewhere?  In this video from the YouTube channel FinalCutKing, you get to find out what happens when little Indiana Bones […]

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