Food Review: Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery

Geek Alabama Food Reviews

This is another Geek Alabama Food Reviews!  And on this review, I was contacted by Fresh N’ Lean food delivery out of California.  They wanted me to try and review some of their pre-packaged meals made fresh from their kitchens, and shipped express to your home.  These meals are not those frozen meals that are high in preservatives, these are organically prepared and made to order, than shipped to your front door in a very quick fashion!

To get started, you have to be wondering about the cost.  Looking at this chart below, the costs to get Fresh N’ Lean is almost the same of eating fast-food!  And it’s a lot cheaper than organic home cooking!

FNL Comparison Chart

I received five meals in a container with blue ice packets.  You can either watch my video review or read my reviews below!

All of their items come with easy to read ingredients and instructions on how to warm up your items.  I warmed up the items in a microwave, but you can also use a stove top or an oven!  The first review is their lemon seed loaf.

stuff 4 002stuff 4 003

Right after warming it up, you can smell the lemon flavor!  This item was a lemon bread loaf with plenty of seeds on top!  The bread was very chewy and each bite had a ton of lemon and seed flavors.  It was a good start!  The next item I tried was the garlic mushroom and kale pasta.

stuff 4 004stuff 4 005

The pasta was soft, and there was plenty of kale and mushrooms in the dish.  It took me a few moments to chew the kale and mushrooms, but it was good!  The next item was the butternut kidney beans.

stuff 4 006stuff 4 007

The greens and veggies were good, but I had a hard time eating the beans.  Now, it’s not because the product was bad, I am not a huge bean lover and find them as dry and tasting like glue.  Everything else tasted fine though!  The next item was the roasted bok choy and savory quinoa.

stuff 4 008stuff 4 010

I am guessing the quinoa was the brown stuff, because I enjoyed this dish!  Plenty of quinoa, and bok choy was tasty too, but it took a few moments to chew it!  The last dish was the banana peach chia.

stuff 4 012stuff 4 013

Yes, plenty of chia seeds!  You see some peach slices and I am guessing the banana was blended with the chia seeds.  The item was a little bit liquidity after warming up, but I found plenty of sweet flavors with this dish!  I enjoyed the Fresh N’ Lean food items, and if you want to try them too, you can use a special code to get 15% off Weekly Meal Plans (excluding ‘A la Carte’ menu) & this includes free shipping.  Use the promo code Geek at checkout!

Learn more about Fresh N’ Lean at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @FreshNLean

I was given these food items for a food review


Food Review: Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies

Geek Alabama Food Reviews

Time for another Oreo review!  And on this Food Review, let’s review the Brownie Batter Oreos!  If you want, you can watch my review below, or read my review beyond the video clip!

Now, the Brownie Batter Oreos come in a smaller package, mostly because this is a specialty product.  The cookies come with two standard Oreo chocolate cookies, but the middle is not the usual vanilla cream.  The middle instead is a chocolate cream that tastes like brownie batter.

stuff 002stuff 003

First, I twisted off the top and tasted the cream only, and man it tastes like brownie batter, a very good job Oreo!  And the chocolate cookies were good too.  But, when I tried the cookie as a whole, with the icing and cookies, I had trouble tasting the brownie batter, and it tasted instead like a standard Oreo chocolate cookie.

stuff 004

One trick I liked is to dip the entire cookie with the cream in a glass of milk, and after doing this the cookie was very yummy!  Overall, the Brownie Batter Oreo cookies were good, but not that great!  The only time I got the brownie batter flavor was eating the icing by itself.  Will I get another package of these Oreo cookies, probably not.  But, I would give them a try!

stuff 005

With Oreo coming out with a wide variety of specialty flavors, it won’t be long before I do another Oreo cookie review!

Food Review: Burger King’s Halloween Whopper

Geek Alabama Food Reviews

Time for another Food Review, and this time I went to Burger King to try their new Halloween Whopper just in time for Halloween.  You can watch my review below, or read my review beyond the video!

The Halloween Whopper claims they baked in A1 Steak Sauce into the bun.  But, when I tried the bun by itself, I barely tasted any A1 sauce.  I believe they put in more food coloring in the buns, and telling by the special colors I saw when I went to the bathroom, I think Burger King put a ton of food coloring into the burger buns!  Anyways, the sandwich comes with the normal Whopper ingredients, but the bun is different.

stuff 095

Now, I skipped the tomatoes and mayo on the burger.  And the burger comes with a flame broiled patty, cheese, A1 Steak Sauce, and your normal burger veggies.  The weird thing is that black bread bun, with white sesame seeds.  I wished Burger King would have made the cheese black as well.  How many times you can say the bun is darker than the burger patty?  This is one of those few times!

stuff 098

After eating a few bites, you can see that the bread looks like its more compacted and squished together than a regular white burger bun.  At the end, I thought the whole black burger bun was just a big old gimmick!  The Halloween Whopper was just okay, the price for a meal was over seven dollars, and the Burger King I went too charged an extra 50 cents for the cheese!  Sadly, I thought the French fries was better than the burger here.  I found myself wiping off the extra A1 Steak Sauce on the burger itself, because I do not like that taste!

stuff 099

So, I am giving the Halloween Whooper an indifferent rating.  I will certainly not get the Halloween Whopper again.  But, I would get it one time, just to say you had it, and experience the special colors when you go to the bathroom.

Food Review: Nathan’s Favorite Fast Food Meal


In honor of my birthday week, I decided to make a special video where I review and eat my favorite fast food meal!  This meal comes from McDonald’s, and it includes Chicken McNuggets, a McDouble, McDonald’s Fries, and a Grapico to finish it off!  I hope you enjoy this video!

Food Review: Key Lime Pie, Funnel Cake, Tropical Island New Chek List Flavors

Geek Alabama Food Reviews

So on this Food Reviews, I am reviewing the three new flavors in the New Chek List contest from Winn-Dixie.  These three flavors are only out for a limited time, and the flavor/person with the most votes will get a new Mini Cooper, and the flavor might become a permanent Chek soda flavor, so the stakes are high!  If you want to watch me review the three flavors, enjoy below!

stuff 3 004

The first flavor I tried was Key Lime Pie Soda.  The color was green, and after tasting, it was very heavy on the lime flavor.  In fact, I was only mostly tasting the lime.  I thought this soda was Sprite without the lemon.  It was okay for me!

stuff 3 007

The second soda was Funnel Cake Soda.  It did smell like a funnel cake and the color was like a cream soda coloring.  But after tasting, I was tasting a major butter or butterscotch flavor, and that was about it!  This was very heavy on the butter like flavor.

stuff 3 005

The third soda was Tropical Island Soda.  The color was pink, and it almost tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  The soda was heavy on the fruit flavors, and I enjoyed this soda.  The taste did not overpower my mouth like the other flavors did.

stuff 3 008

So, I picked the Tropical Island soda, I thought it was the best out of the three!  But hey, you decide!  You have until September 30th to vote on your favorite flavor.  To vote go to: