Business Review: The Pie Shop In Atlanta

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I first talked about The Pie Shop on a Kickstarter Tuesdays post as they are raising funds to start a new location.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like they will reach their goal and they will have to find another way to get the funding.  Even though they might not reach their goal, I did go to The Pie Shop in the Toyota Corolla last weekend.  If you want to see my review of The Pie Shop on video, watch the video below, it starts at around 12:10.

The Pie Shop is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta along Roswell Road or US 19.  Yes, they claim the location is hard to find and it is.  Your only clue is a sign saying Pie Shop along the road.  And yes, there is pay for parking in this small shopping center.  But the employee told me the pay for parking is only for people who leaves their cars to go to other restaurants and bars.  That means if you visit The Pie Shop, you don’t have to pay for parking!  The Pie Shop is at this location below!


From Google Maps.

The Pie Shop has a wide assortment of pies!  As you can see below, they have apple, coconut cream, chocolate ganache,  pecan, sweet potato, cookies and cream, and plum.  They also have some interesting pies like quiche, chicken pot pie, beef roast pie, and BBQ chicken handpies!

stuff 183stuff 180

So I got a chocolate ganache pie, and the person there did something very nice!  She topped the pie with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  Me and my friend got two big slices of chocolate ganache pie with a diet coke.  We spent around $12 for everything and this pie was awesome!

stuff 186

The crust was very flaky and the chocolate was great!  The fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings made this pie better.  The Pie Shop actually serves their pie slices on real plates with real silverware, not many places do this anymore!

stuff 179stuff 184stuff 185

Yes, The Pie Shop is hard to find but it is worth a visit!  I hope this business gets the new location that they deserve.  The Pie Shop is located at 3210 Roswell Road in Atlanta Georgia.  You can reach them by calling 404-841-4512.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.  Learn more about The Pie Shop at:

Follow The Pie Shop on Facebook at: and on Twitter @PieShopATL.



Business Review: Cheaha Brewing Company

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Ever since Cheaha Brewing Company opened earlier this year, the owners have asked me to come out for a Business Review.  Last Friday night, I finally got a chance to come out and try their food and locally brewed beer.  And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

Cheaha Brewing Company operates as a fully functioning brew pub in the historic L&N freight house / train depot in downtown Anniston Alabama.  Their beer is paired with uniquely prepared dishes using locally grown, organic produce/dairy products and all natural meats.  The inside of the restaurant is very cool!  Their bar is made out of reclaimed wood from the building.  And the inside has that charming old school feel.


To get started, I got a Cheaha Brewing Company on-site brewed beer that was on tap.  The beer was called a “Roggenbier.”  I asked the server for a sweet beer and this is what she recommended me!  The beer was good!  Cheaha Brewing offers several different brews that they brew on site.  The restaurant also offers a chef special every day they are open and even has local musicians come in and perform on some nights!


Then I ordered a burger and seasoned waffle fries for dinner.  The burger was juicy and was seasoned perfectly!  You can taste the difference because all the food comes from local businesses and is natural and fresh.  For example, the meat comes from either Thompson’s Meat in Alexandria, AL or Miller’s Farm in Delta, AL.  The bun is baked in their in-house kitchen or obtained through Artisanal Baked Goods in Anniston.


I think I enjoyed the seasoned waffle fries the most!  The server told me the fries are made and cooked fresh in-house.  And the seasoning is what made these fries!  I would enjoy these seasoned waffle fries by themselves on any night!  All of their ingredients on their menu is obtained from local vendors.  And the menu does rotate to what is in season!  The prices for their menu items are a little bit more than what you expect from a fast-food joint.  But you are paying for quality and freshness, that is what you should expect!


I recommend you go and try out this place, you will like it!  Cheaha Brewing Company is located at 1208 Walnut Avenue in Anniston.  You can contact them by calling 256-770-7300.  Learn more about Cheaha Brewing Company by going to:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @cheahabrewingco.

Follow them on Google Plus at:

Business Review: Sport Clips

Geek Alabama Business

A few months ago, I got a free coupon for a free haircut at the Sport Clips in Oxford Alabama.  Since I was due for a haircut, and the coupon was going to expire on Sunday September 1st.  I decided to give the Sport Clips in Oxford a try!  And I was not disappointed!


Sport Clips specializes in haircuts for men and boys.  Their mission is to “create a championship haircut experience for men and boys in an exciting sports themed environment.”  And when I walked in, everything was sports themed!  The stylists use lockers from a locker room to store all of their equipment.  And every station has a TV that has a sports game on.  On the day I went, it was an NFL game.


My stylist was Rachael and I enjoyed chatting with her while she was giving me a great haircut.  The stylist listened to what I wanted in a haircut and nothing was done wrong.  In between talking, I was enjoying the NFL game on the TV.

Since I was a new customer, I also got a free upgrade to the MVP Experience.  And any guy is going to enjoy this!  After your haircut, the stylist will wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, while sitting in a massage chair and having a hot steamed towel wrapped around your face!  The water was warmed perfectly and I enjoyed the stylist giving me a face, scalp, and neck massage.

Then after you go back to the haircut station, the stylist gives you another neck massage.  I felted relaxed after my haircut was finished, and I was the only guy there for most of my visit!  So I was given some extra attention to make sure my visit was perfect!  At the end, I was given a great haircut and was treated right.  I will me going back to Sport Clips not only for a haircut, but also for the free neck trims in between visits.  You don’t realize how fast your hair on your neck can grow!


To learn more about Sport Clips, go to:  The Oxford Alabama location is at the Oxford Exchange and you can call them at 256-831-6444.

Follow Sport Clips on Facebook at: and on Twitter @SportClips.

Business Review: Panera Bread

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A few weeks ago, Panera Bread opened in Oxford Alabama in front of the Publix.  Yes, I have heard of Panera Bread before but I have never tried them!  So after I got a $5 bonus card from the Calhoun County Chamber, I decided to give them a try!


Panera Bread is what I like to call a healthy restaurant and bakery.  Panera offers a variety of breads, muffins, bagels, and baked goods.  But that’s not all!  Panera also has a breakfast and a lunch/dinner menu and they offer sandwiches, soups, salads, paninis, pastas, and more!  They basically have no fryers and everything is made fresh.


I got a smoked turkey breast sandwich on freshly baked country bread and it came with kettle potato chips.  I also got a cinnamon crunch bagel and they even toasted it for me!


The sandwich was very good!  The bread was fresh and good and I liked the turkey.  The kettle potato chips were crunchy and good as well!


The cinnamon crunch bagel was just awesome!  There was a lot of cinnamon on top of the bagel and the bagel tasted very good!  I would definitely get another one!


Panera Bread also offers fruit smoothies, frozen drinks, coffee and tea, green tea, and an espresso bar.  What I like about Panera Bread is they donate what they have not sold each night to local charities so it can be used instead of thrown away.  They also will donate some of their sales at certain times to local non-profits!  I encourage all of you to go to Panera Bread, you will like it!

Visit the Panera Bread in Oxford in front of the Publix on Leon Smith Parkway.  Learn more about Panera Bread at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @panerabread.

Business Review: Kingdom Comics

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One of the biggest sponsors of the Alabama Phoenix Festival is Kingdom Comics.  The comic book shop is one of the biggest in Alabama.  Kingdom Comics has a wide selection of comic books from yesterday and today.  Many comic books are very inexpensive to get.

stuff 168stuff 170stuff 174stuff 181stuff 186

Kingdom Comics carries more than comic books.  They carry many toys and stuff from many geeky and nerdy genres like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, animated shows, etc.  If you are a fan of a show that leans toward a geek / nerd audience, chances are they have some merchandise!

stuff 178stuff 171stuff 177

Kingdom Comics also has t-shirts and other clothing, books, posters, and just about anything you can think of that is geeky and nerdy.  For the people who are visiting Birmingham during the Alabama Phoenix Festival, you need to swing by Kingdom Comics!  They are also at the festival selling merchandise as well!

stuff 194stuff 198stuff 202

Kingdom Comics is located at 1425 Montgomery Highway ste. 119 in Vestavia Hills, AL.  You can reach them by phone at  205-978-0600 and on the web at

Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @kingdomcomics.