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Nathan Young

Nathan Young writes, runs social media, does podcasts and videos, creates presentations, and does photography / videography on the website Geek Alabama. On the Geek Alabama site, he does everything from geeky/nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, recipes, community coverage, promotions, charity coverage, music coverage, and anything else to give any geek and/or nerd pleasure.

Nathan has covered numerous highly regarded events in Alabama and Georgia and has taken thousands of pictures and videos that are shared highly on social media. And on social media, Nathan has a great number of followers that enjoys the latest updates including new posts, pictures, videos, podcasts, and more.

Nathan has featured numerous TV shows and movies and was featured himself on the A&E show “The Employables” in 2019. He has featured with articles and interviews many TV shows such as hit shows “The Walking Dead”, and “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Plus Nathan has featured with articles and interviews several movies including the classic “Ghostbusters”, and several hit shows on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Among the coverage on Geek Alabama he provides, Nathan likes to enjoy road geeking, train geeking, cooking, watching cartoons, and pets / animals. Nathan is also on the Autism Spectrum and is often looked upon for advice and thoughts from many in the disability community. The most interesting fact about him, he draws roads! #Aspie proud! #ASD

Animation Monday: Tron Uprising

On this edition of Animation Monday on Tuesday again I wanted to talk about the newest animated series that premieres June 7th on Disney XD.  Tron Uprising doesn’t premiere until early June but Disney put out […]

Sunday Discussion: Aimee Copeland

UPDATE:  Go to for updates and blogs from Andy. This story has affected many people in this country and in Geek Alabama territory (which includes Carrollton.)  So when the story of Aimee Copeland came […]

Alabama Legislature Wrapup The Alabama Legislature has wrapped up the 2012 regular session.  And overall the session went very smoothly.  The budgets were approved on the last few hours of the legislative session. […]

Aspie Recipes: Strawberry Chocolate Shortcake

Since strawberries are in season right now.  I wanted to try something that I knew would taste good.  So with some simple ingredients you can make this too.  And try this after it has […]

Enter These Today!

The Amandas Closet Makeover First here is an announcement from KC Projects L.L.C. about The Amandas.  You have to be excited about this! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Amandas will now have a weekly National Radio Program […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: New AL-22 Bridge

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I went down to a new bridge being built on AL Highway 22 near Alexander City, Alabama.  The old bridge crossing on Hillabee Creek is out of […]

Animation Monday: Animated TV Moms

On this edition of Animation Monday on a Tuesday again.  I want to talk about TV and movie moms.  Not the ones in your average sitcoms and dramas.  But the ones that are in […]

Sunday Discussion: Legislature Last Day

On Wednesday the Alabama Legislature will complete its last day of the legislative session.  And the bills that still have to be considered is huge!  Not only they have to consider the budgets; but they have to deal […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Below is what I wrote for a contest over on the Geek Mom blog but I did not win anything.  It’s hard to keep the story under 1500 characters.  So I also […]

Foster Girl’s Death and Relay For Life

Ragland Tragic Death I feel like I needed to update the story of a 8 or 9 year-old girl who was found hanging from a tree Thursday night.  The story has the […]

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