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Nathan Young

Nathan Young writes, runs social media, does podcasts and videos, creates presentations, and does photography / videography on the website Geek Alabama. On the Geek Alabama site, he does everything from geeky/nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, recipes, community coverage, promotions, charity coverage, music coverage, and anything else to give any geek and/or nerd pleasure.

Nathan has covered numerous highly regarded events in Alabama and Georgia and has taken thousands of pictures and videos that are shared highly on social media. And on social media, Nathan has a great number of followers that enjoys the latest updates including new posts, pictures, videos, podcasts, and more.

Nathan has featured numerous TV shows and movies and was featured himself on the A&E show “The Employables” in 2019. He has featured with articles and interviews many TV shows such as hit shows “The Walking Dead”, and “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Plus Nathan has featured with articles and interviews several movies including the classic “Ghostbusters”, and several hit shows on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Among the coverage on Geek Alabama he provides, Nathan likes to enjoy road geeking, train geeking, cooking, watching cartoons, and pets / animals. Nathan is also on the Autism Spectrum and is often looked upon for advice and thoughts from many in the disability community. The most interesting fact about him, he draws roads! #Aspie proud! #ASD

Business Review: Kingdom Comics

One of the biggest sponsors of the Alabama Phoenix Festival is Kingdom Comics.  The comic book shop is one of the biggest in Alabama.  Kingdom Comics has a wide selection of comic […]

Doctor Osborn at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013

In the first of many posts to come from the Alabama Phoenix Festival, I once again meet up with Doctor Osborn who does an amazing job coming up with some balloon animals! […]

Video Roundup: Last Cat On Earth, Obscene Gestures, Spinning Chocolate

It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 11 videos of the week! The Last Cat On Earth Yes, there are dogs shooting guns. April Fools On A School Bus The driver’s prank […]

Good News Fridays: YouTube Comedy Week

This week, I have enjoyed YouTube Comedy Week!  This is the first time YouTube has done something like this and I have really enjoyed it!  Many different YouTube channels have gotten involved […]

Aspie Recipes: Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I wanted to do a simple and quick recipe that I know you would enjoy.  Why not make some simple homemade sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting on top.  These cookies […]

My Chance To Be A Geek & Sundry Vlogger

Being a geek and a nerd can be very time consuming!  I spend a lot of time writing posts for Geek Alabama as well as keeping up with other websites I follow […]

Seven Questions With Jeffrey Leachman

I did a special video edition of Seven Questions with a person I know in Anniston who is homeless.  Jeffrey Leachman has come to the Anniston area from the Atlanta Metro and […]

The Xbox One Is Going To End Up As A Disappointment

This week, Microsoft announced the brand new Xbox One gaming console.  This console is going to replace the Xbox 360 and be a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 that is also coming out. […]

Music Thursdays: Muse / Two Door Cinema Club

This week on Music Thursdays, I wanted to feature two music videos that are pretty weird.  In the first music video from Muse titled “Panic Station.”  You will see some giant and […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: AL-202 at Hunter Street Traffic Light

On Tuesday, a truck had a hydraulic leak and leaked a lot of oil onto AL-202.  It took ALDOT a couple of hours to clean up the road.  When I got to the […]

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