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Nathan Young

Nathan Young writes, runs social media, does podcasts and videos, creates presentations, and does photography / videography on the website Geek Alabama. On the Geek Alabama site, he does everything from geeky/nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, recipes, community coverage, promotions, charity coverage, music coverage, and anything else to give any geek and/or nerd pleasure.

Nathan has covered numerous highly regarded events in Alabama and Georgia and has taken thousands of pictures and videos that are shared highly on social media. And on social media, Nathan has a great number of followers that enjoys the latest updates including new posts, pictures, videos, podcasts, and more.

Nathan has featured numerous TV shows and movies and was featured himself on the A&E show “The Employables” in 2019. He has featured with articles and interviews many TV shows such as hit shows “The Walking Dead”, and “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Plus Nathan has featured with articles and interviews several movies including the classic “Ghostbusters”, and several hit shows on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Among the coverage on Geek Alabama he provides, Nathan likes to enjoy road geeking, train geeking, cooking, watching cartoons, and pets / animals. Nathan is also on the Autism Spectrum and is often looked upon for advice and thoughts from many in the disability community. The most interesting fact about him, he draws roads! #Aspie proud! #ASD

Music Thursdays: The Top Songs For Single People

Valentine’s Day Singles Awareness Day is on Friday, and that means flower shops, candy stores, bakeries, and stores are busy making and delivering the pretty flowers and chocolate to their loved ones. […]

Movie Review: The Lego Movie

Last weekend, I joined many other people who went to see The Lego Movie.  And the movie was awesome!  There were so many great moments in this movie, that I am going […]

The February 12th Snow Bust In Anniston

Yep, most of North Alabama has seen some great snow totals, except for the Anniston area.  To our east, ice buildup has been the big story. UPDATE: Ice storm grips parts of […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Great Snow Wall In Japan

Once again today, the south is dealing with another winter storm.  Everything from ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow has caused problems across the southeast from Louisiana to The Carolina’s.  So, since […]

Today Is The Day We Fight Back Against Government Surveillance

Today, many people in the online world, including the Geek Alabama blog, is participating in a protest against surveillance.  As you know, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the news […]

Animation Monday: Valentine’s Day Political Cartoons

This Friday, most couples will be doing something special for Valentine’s Day.  Some will go to a fancy restaurant, some will go to the movies, some will eat a special meal at […]

Video Roundup: Rejected Coke Ad Languages, Chimpnology, Hearing Names Prank

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 15 videos of the week! Klingon, Dolphin, and More Rejected Coke Ad Languages This would have been better! Olympics 2014 | Saving Sochi’s Stray Dogs […]

Good News Fridays: Praising CVS Pharmacy To Stop Selling Tobacco

This week, a major pharmacy chain made a big decision.  CVS Pharmacy will stop selling all tobacco and cigarette products later this year.  And this is a big money decision for CVS.  CVS […]

Raj Kashyap Senior Prom Cop Proposal

Here is a cute video from Anniston to make you smile into the weekend.  On February 5th, Raj Kashyap and his girlfriend was leaving The Donoho School in Anniston and was heading […]

Aspie Recipes: Homemade Snow Cream

Every Winter, many parts of the country gets snow.  And enough snow falls that people can collect the snow to do a lot of things from building snowmen, throwing snowballs, building luge […]

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