Shape Up!

My story on ABC 33/40 and Focus @ 4:

Shape Up! is a segment where I talk about what I did lately to get in better shape.  Since I have been unemployed for over two years.  Shape Up has taken a temporary break.  As soon I become employed and earn money again, I can exercise more and eat more than one meal a day which will mean I can get into better shape!  And Shape Up posts can resume once again!

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4 thoughts on “Shape Up!

  1. my friend I weigh 500 a lil over not sure exactly its been a couple months since I have been to my doc. but I am starting my journey as well and moving to mobile in the spring. I wish you success on this I know first hand how hard it is and job discrimination. perhaps next spring/summer I will see you at some 5ks. I am going to do glow run color me rad and the color run. just fun stuff. I was wondering also I am getting a scale and things in a cpl weeks to monitor, would you be interested in being an online accountability buddy? I think it helps.


  2. Maybe? The problem in my situation is I have been unemployed for over three years now with nothing, and here in Anniston/Oxford, the area is one of the worst in America for economics. So for now, my weight loss plans are on hold. It’s kind of hard to lose weight while on food stamps where you can only eat one meal a day. Thanks for commenting!


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