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This is the Geek Alabama Geeky/Nerdy Code Of Ethics. These five ethics beliefs are something every geek and nerd should follow, from the time they enter the geeky/nerdy world, until the time they pass away. I wrote these five ethics rules because I am tired of seeing the harassment and bullying not only in Gamergate, but other fandoms and geeky and nerdy followings as well. It’s time geeks and nerds become the best role models anyone who is experiencing trouble can look up too, and follow.

  1. All geeks and nerds should treat everyone with respect. No matter what the person’s beliefs, sex, skin color, religion, or disability is. Everyone on planet Earth has the same equal chances to lead an successful life. And no one should have handicaps placed on them because other people’s beliefs are more important.
  2. All geeks and nerds should commit to see video games, TV shows, movies, online media, and comic books open up to people who are different. Women, people who are homosexual, people who are disabled, or anyone else who is different than the mainstream population, should have equal chances to star on video games, TV shows, movies, online media, and comic books.
  3. All geeks and nerds should welcome anyone who is interested in the geek and/or nerd fandom with open arms. No matter what they like, geeks and nerds should welcome, and be friendly to a newcomer who wants to be a part of any fandom in the geek/nerd world. If anyone rejects anyone who wants to join a fandom because of being different, that person should be kicked out of the fandom.
  4. All geeks and nerds should call out anyone who is harassing, threatening, making fun, or bullying anyone in any fandom or interest, no matter if they like that fandom and/or interest or not. All geeks and nerds should also provide a safe place for anyone who wants to comment, or talk about something that is controversial, without being harassed, threatened, made fun of, or bullied.
  5. All geeks and nerds should support the new or up and coming people/products that are doing something cool in the geek and/or nerd world. From new tech products, comics, games, cartoons, online media, apps, or anything else. Geeks and nerds should talk about things that might go otherwise unnoticed. Geeks and nerds are all family, and we should help out each other in times of hardship and need.

And enjoy the rules as an infographic!

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