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Music Thursdays: Kelli Welli – Water Baby Video Is Out


Welcome to the Music Thursdays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Music Thursdays will feature music related content. Music Thursdays will feature an artist or band and their latest song and / or music video. People love music, and we here at Geek Alabama love featuring artists and bands!


“Water Baby,” a new music video based on a song from John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize-winner’s Kelli Welli’s new album Baby Ninja, is now released.

A catchy summertime bop with a great vocal harmony background, “Water Baby” was written for and about Kelli’s daughter, Kira, who absolutely loves being in the water. The “Water Baby” video showcases what fans have come to expect from Kelli Welli: originality, personality, a dose of the ridiculous, and lots and lots of love. Kids and grownups alike will want to jump in the pool, too!

“I’ve always struggled with fear in water, so I wrote this song to express the awe and happiness I’ve felt watching my kids‘ enjoyment in the water,” says Kelli Welli. “My daughter especially was born a water baby. And I’m so grateful for all my cool friends who came out to celebrate their water babies in this video… and reveal their hidden synchronized swimming talents!”


Kelli Welli’s songs tell goofball stories, celebrate love, nature, and languages, and honor the small moments that come with raising the little people in our lives. Kelli, who has been called “hysterically funny” and “superbly talented,” doesn’t believe music should be “dumbed down” for kids. “I have tons of respect for kids, remembering a lot from my own childhood … what mattered to me and what it felt like to navigate a big world,” Kelli says. “Music always marked important moments and was like a friend in tough times.”

Reviewers and peers have placed Kelli Welli on a par with some of today’s top children’s artists, saying her unique style places her “very much on her own pedestal, unmatched by other artists” and that her work is “a true testament to what happens when you listen to children, rather than suggest what children should listen to.”

Kelli Welli’s’ new album, Baby Ninja, is available for purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp, and on Kelli Welli’s website, and streaming on all major platforms.

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