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Different Lock Pick Types And Their Advantages

Lock picking has been both a hobby and a trade for decades. There may be negative connotations associated with lock picking, but when used by professionals, this skill can help if you’re locked out of your home and have no other means of entry.

Many different picks are available as several different styles of locks are manufactured and used today. With the wide variety of available choices comes a higher number of skills and techniques needed to gain entry. Thus, here are the different lock pick types and their advantages. Whether you’re already an expert or a beginner looking to purchase their first set of lock picks, read on to learn more.

Different Lock Pick Types and Their Advantages


Hook picks are designed to pick one pin at a time inside locks. They come in various sizes so that you can tailor the lock pick to the lock itself.



This style of lockpick is explicitly made to work with disc tumblers or wafer locks. The purpose of the ball pick is to move the disc or wafer entirely out of the way inside the lock, after which you can unlock the device.



These picks are designed for locks with more length and depth inside than standard locks. The diamond shape helps you maneuver around and get in and out of tight spots so you can reach far enough to unlock the device.



These are unique because they are made for picking locks as quickly as possible. The idea is to rake across the pins as frequently as possible until you find the right combination and you’re in.


Tension Wrench

You’ll also need a tension wrench to go along with your lock picks. You’ll use your tension wrench while picking to turn the cylinder and give you room to work inside the lock.

As you can see, there are many different lock pick types, and each has its advantages. You’ll have to play around with them and use a few before you figure out which type you like and are most successful with.

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