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What Is The Character Limit For Instagram? How Marketers Can Make The Most Out Of It


Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other contemporary apps, Instagram was created with visual content in mind. This is the social media platform to post your photos, videos, and other visuals.

Along with these visual aspects, your words are important. The truth is that appropriate words can make a significant difference in your Instagram success.

Well-knit content sets out the scene and attracts readers’ attention. Captions can make or break the readers’ interaction with your posts.


Character limit of Instagram

Instagram character limit is 2,200. Therefore, your caption should be much shorter than that!

If you have to write more than 2,200 characters, worry not!

You are not alone in having trouble writing Instagram captions. It’s an old-fashioned question: Song lyric or an engaging quote?

The story, however, does not end there. Obviously, it does not!

When working within limits, you have to express more with less. That’s why knowing the character restriction on different social media platforms is important to adjust your tone and approach perfectly.

Thus, it would be best to use an online text character counter in order to create the ideal social media post for your business.

Character counter will help you to calculate the exact number of characters in your text so that you could craft the content maintaining the word limit.


What is the ideal length of the Instagram post beyond limitations?

2,200 characters!

You might be thinking that it is not the perfect space to work with.

If an average word has 4.5 characters, then 2,200 characters equal 400 words. In simple words, it is nearly one full page of Microsoft Word.

Consider trying to condense more than a third of 10,000 characters into a single Instagram caption. What a nightmare!

As a result, you cannot exceed the limit of 2,200 characters. Plus, your captions should not even be in the same room as 2,200 characters.

Accordingly, it would be best if you write the most significant information, including a solid call-to-action element first.

So, if your caption is shortened to 125 characters, readers would not lose out on the most crucial details.


Do you not know what to do if you need 2,200+ character Instagram captions? Here are some crucial workarounds

There are some proven ways to exceed this character limit if you need to write a long caption. One alternative is to publish a caption with 2,200 characters and then leave the remainder as a comment on your post.

Another option is to create a blog article to direct your followers. You can incorporate a URL in an Instagram caption, but you cannot include an active hyperlink until you pay for a sponsored post.

That leaves you with two options: provide a URL if you expect readers to visit your link, or direct followers to read more by clicking the Instagram bio link.

Your Instagram bio can only contain one link, so make it count. That single bio link will take people to a landing page where you can save several links.


Is there a limit to how many hashtags you can use on Instagram?

You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post in addition to the character limit for Instagram captions. This applies to both hashtags used in the caption and comments.

Most companies and businesses use 2-5 hashtags. However, some firms have found success with more hashtags, such as 15 or more.

Most importantly, you should keep an eye on your Instagram statistics to see how the number of hashtags influences the engagement of your posts.


What is the character limit for an Instagram bio?

When you thought you knew everything there was to know about Instagram character limitations; there is another element to consider: the character limit for your Instagram bio, which is 150 characters.

Hence, you can include basic information about you or your brands, such as your name, location, and a brief description of your company in your Instagram bio.

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