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Music Thursdays: The Harmonica Pocket Releasing New Single For Kids And Families

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Two-time Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winner The Harmonica Pocket announces the October 15 release of a new single, “Sing Your Song,” from their upcoming fifth album for families with kids, Sing Your Song.

As an album made for families, Sing Your Song is also an album about families. “One Two I Love You” is a joyous counting song expressing the love between a dad and his little boy, written by The Harmonica Pocket’s singer-songwriter Keeth Monta Apgar and his son Montana when Montana was only four years old.

“One day Montana said the words ‘one, two, I love you,’ explains Keeth Apgar, “and I thought, ‘Excuse me, that’s a song!’ A day or two later, Montana hummed the melody, so we put all the ingredients together and wrote this little song about us.”

Coming full circle, the vocal trio on this recording consists of Keeth Apgar, his wife Nala Walla, and their son, Montana Apgar, who is now ten years old.

The complete Sing Your Song album will be released on October 20.

The Harmonica Pocket’s music is recorded in a humble, off-grid recording studio on Marrowstone Island in the Pacific Northwest using solar energy. Featuring a rotating cast of talented musicians, Harmonica Pocket albums are set in an acoustic landscape of guitars and ukuleles augmented by upright bass, drum kit, and, of course, harmonicas. Horn sections swell and tiny musical secrets are woven into the corners of the mix.

Previous Harmonica Pocket albums for kids and families include Sundrops (2015, Parents’ Choice Gold Award, NAPPA Bronze Medal), Apple Apple (2012, Parents’ Choice Gold Award), Ladybug One (2008, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award), and Mary Macaroni (2005). Releases for adults include Birds Falling from the Sky (2005), Underneath Your Umbrella (2002), Lemonbomb (1997), and The Humans and the Robins (1996).

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