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A Quick Overview Of How CBD Oil Is Produced


The cannabis plant is recognized for its spindly leaves and psychoactive effects. Though the plant itself has limited utility, many of its derivative products—including rich, amber-colored CBD oil—carry the same mind-altering abilities. Here’s a quick overview of how CBD oil is produced.


Planting and Harvesting

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, which initially comes from a seed. So the first step in the CBD oil process is planting and harvesting. The cannabis plant comes in many varieties, offering an array of psychoactive and remedying properties. Once the plant reaches full maturity, growers harvest it for further production.


Extracting and Distillation

Next it’s time for the cannabis, or hemp, plant to cure. This process can take a few weeks’ time, but once finished, farmers remove the flowers from the stems and prepare them for extraction. Cannabis-growers use the flowers because they have the highest concentration of cannabinoids, the psychoactive chemicals that trigger mind-altering effects.

Once the cannabinoids are extracted, they must go through one of three distillation methods: ethanol, carbon dioxide, or oil. Each process utilizes different liquid and gaseous mediums for purification, but the liquid must go through cannabis distillation equipment. The resulting product is then primed and ready for further development.


Testing and Distributing

After the plant has been transformed into oil, it’s time to test the oil. Due to contaminants in the soil and pollutants in the air, CBD oil can contain traces of undesirable elements. If there are any traces of toxic metals or pesticides, the CBD oil cannot go to market. But if the tests come back clean, it’s ready for distribution or further processing.

Though new technologies continue to improve the quality of cannabis products, the process will remain the same. There are only so many ways to handle a plant! Whether you’re a curious consumer or an at-home grower, with this quick overview of how CBD oil is produced, you can make the most of your cannabis experience.

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