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Essential Tips For Finding Collectible Toys

When you collect toys, you want to have an array of high-quality, unique, and meaningful figures. However, finding a solid set of figures for your shelves can be challenging, especially if you want authentic, high-quality statuettes. Here are the essential tips for finding collectible toys.

Essential Tips for Finding Collectible Toys

Begin With the Basics

First things first, you must have a collection before you can build upon it. When looking for collectible toys, you should start with popular series, like Funko or The Good Smile Company. Once you have a solid foundation of vinyl POP! figures and Nendoroid statuettes, you can branch out into more vintage items.

This is not to say that you cannot dive deep into these respective franchises. Not all Funko POPs! are cheap and popular; some are rare and expensive collector’s editions. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the best deals and highest value items.


Learn Your Style

As you explore the space, you will learn about your style and character preferences. Not all collectible toys and action figures are the same—they each have slightly different features and functionalities. Do you like malleable figures with moving joints or firm, non-articulated toys? Do you like rounded, kawaii features or true-to-form recreations? With a clearer vision for your visual preferences, you can curate a more uniform style.


Check In-Store Inventories

Though you can find unbelievable deals online from the best vendors, you should diversify your search strategy and spend a few hours away from the screen. Try traveling to local toy and comic shops in your area. They are sure to have interesting options that you can inspect for yourself. Instead of communicating with vendors online, you can talk with a real person about the quality, authenticity, and rarity of the toys in front of you.

Remember these essential tips for finding collectible toys as you peruse the options online and in stores. The true measure of your collection is not the total price value or item rarity—it is how much you enjoy the figures you own.

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