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Explore James Bond Actors Ranked By Driving Lethality


With No Time To Die due to be released October 8th in the United States, Leasing Options have done the research to find out the most lethal and destructive Bond behind the wheel.

To do they have been through all the Bond films multiple times and totaled how many kills, crashes and explosions, amongst other things, were caused by 007 whilst behind the wheel of a vehicle.


Key findings include:

The Most Lethal Driver: Roger Moore

Most Reckless Driver: Pierce Brosnan

The Deadliest Bond Vehicles: Lotus Esprit, Gladstone CV23HT

You can browse the full online guide here:

Rank   Actor Kills Crashes   Explosions  
1 Roger Moore 23 52 7
2 Sean Connery 13 26 9
3 Daniel Craig 11 37 5
4 Pierce Brosnan 8 58 30
5 Timothy Dalton 2 6 7
6 George Lazenby 1 2 1

Most Lethal Bond: Roger Moore

Having featured in 7 Bond films it’s no surprise that Moore has killed more people behind the wheel than any of the actors across their Bond careers. With 23 kills, 52 crashes and 7 explosions it is a well-deserved title, if not a little surprising given he is possibly the most aloof and seemingly harmless James Bond of the lot.


The Most Destructive Bond: Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan takes the title for the most reckless Bond behind the wheel, having caused 58 crashes and an impressive 30 explosions across just 4 films. That’s an average of 14.5 crashes and 7.5 explosions per film. Meaning that over 8 and a half hours worth of screen time as Bond, Brosnan was averaging a crash/explosion for every 6 minutes of film!

The Deadliest Bond Cars

Rank Vehicle Kills Crashes Explosions Screen Time
1 Lotus Esprit S1 8 3 3 6mm55s
2 Glastron Carlson CV23HT 8 0 2 2m04s
3 Aston Martin DB5 5 3 1 10m21s
4 BD-5J Microjet 5 3 1 1m46s
5 Sunbeam Alpine Roadster 4 2 1 1m37s

Bond’s Deadliest Vehicle: Lotus Esprit S1

The Spy Who Loved Me Driven by Roger Moore, it features in possibly the most memorable Bond scene of all time, as it turns from a car into a submarine. Fully equipped with a cement sprayer, submersible mode, surface-to-air missiles, black dye slick, mines, and torpedoes, the Esprit managed to rack up an impressive 8 kills, 3 crashes, 3 explosions, alongside destroying a building and a helicopter all in the space of 6 minutes and 55 seconds on screen – impressive work!

Bond’s Most Favoured CarAston Martin DB5

Having already featured in 4 Bond films so far, the DB5 has been confirmed to make yet another appearance in No Time To Die, making it the most iconic Bond car of all time.

To prove why it really is the best of the bunch, Leasing Options found that the DB5 from Goldfinger racked up the longest time on screen (10mins, 21s) and held the largest collection of gadgets including:

In fact, it’s so great, it sold for $6.4 Million when it went up for auction.

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