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Explore How To Help Readers Find Your Blog


If you own a blog – whether a personal blog or as a business owner – then you must have experienced the frustration that comes with getting people to read your blog post; increasing your blog readership is always a problem that you’re going to face at some point.

Getting frustrated and giving up on the blog is the easiest thing to do at this point, and no one would blame you for this. However, if you understand the kind of impact your blog has in driving traffic to your website, then you won’t stop. Furthermore, once you know or have experienced some of the other benefits of your blog, such as helping to build an audience on social media, creating a positive impression on clients and prospects, etc., then you will have no motivation to stop.

However, you need to get more readers to your blog by ensuring that they can find it. Here are a few tips from dissertation writing services on helping readers find your blog.


  1. Write consistent, high-quality content.

The first step to getting readers on your blog is to have high-quality content that the readers find relevant. This attracts them to the blog and may bring them back another time. However, what makes readers visit a blog regularly is the consistency of the blogger. Readers are more willing to check back on your blog if they know that you update it regularly and add high-quality content consistently. A turnoff for readers is when they visit your blog and find that your last post was two months ago. They are not likely to come back due to the absence of fresh content and the lack of consistency.

You can have a posting schedule that you follow to ensure consistency. However, ideally, you should post at least one new piece of content every week.


  1. Promote your blog content on social media

Social media should be your go-to place since you need a large audience. That’s where you can get droves of people on the internet at the same time. There are hundreds of millions of people on different social platforms, and your current and prospective blog readers are among them. So, don’t hesitate to share your blog post across several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you can take the time to cultivate a network of people on social media where you can share your great content, then you are not doing enough on social media.


  1. Write guest posts

There are hundreds of blogs that are ready and willing to accept high-quality blog posts relevant to their audience. This is an effective way to introduce your writing style and blog to a different set of people.

A benefit of guest blogging is that if the website or blog you write for ranks well on search engines or gets lots of traffic, adding a link to your blog can increase your traffic and rank on search engine results pages.

Ensure that the post you are writing for the other blog is the absolute best you can come up with. It must also be fit and relevant to the audience you’re writing to. Lastly, it must align with the type of blog post that you post on your blog. This will make it easy for them to check you out for more of such posts.

If you are writing your bio in the guest post, make sure to add some incredible free offers so that they are encouraged to check out your blog and also subscribe to your email list. Your goal is to make them frequent and long-term visitors on your blog rather than one-time visitors.


  1. Comment on other blog posts 

According to professional dissertation writing services, reading other blogs and commenting on them is an effective way to get people to read your blog posts. Leaving interesting comments consistently on other blogs will draw people’s attention to you, and they will go looking for your blog too.

Make sure that your comments are valuable to the subject matter and show your depth of knowledge about the topic. Comments like “great post” will do nothing to win people over to you. Also, the blogger won’t appreciate you advertising your blog directly or indirectly under their blogs or in their comment section. So, you need to commend their blog and show knowledge without sounding like you are advertising your blog. People will find it naturally if they love your comments and see them regularly.


  1. Build a community 

Another effective way to increase your readership is to interact and engage with your current readers. Show that you are there for them. Posting and disappearing and leaving the readers to talk to themselves alone in the comment doesn’t help you. Instead, engage with their words, answer their questions when they ask any. Interact with them regularly.

Doing this regularly helps build a sense of community around your blog, and you will find that people keep coming back to your blog. People are encouraged to read, come back to the blog, and share it with other people because of the community.

You may not respond to all the comments on your blog, especially when you start to get lots of traffic and many comments. However, you must make readers feel at ease and give the impression that they can interact with you. The more people you respond to, the more readers you attract to your blog.

If some readers misunderstand you or need clarification, take the time to explain what you mean to them better. Also, pay attention to their feedback and advice. Then, reply to those feedbacks, let them know you appreciate them, and then apply it.



Getting people to read your blog is the hardest part of owning a blog, but it is not impossible. Of course, you have to put in time and effort, but the tips in this article ensure you are not doing that in vain.



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Eun Rockwell is a blogger and academic writer from the UK who works with essay writing service reviews. She likes trying new subjects and is always focused on proving her worth in new and challenging writing areas. Her hobbies are reading books and traveling. You can reach her via Twitter @rockwell_eun_

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