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Data Reveals The 10 Actors Statistically Perfect To Play James Bond

Daniel Craig’s time in the 007 tux will come to an end, following the long anticipated release of No Time To Die.

The 007 spy code is to transfer to Nomi, a character played by Lashana Lynch, but there’s speculation as to who’s next to pick up Bond’s pistol.

Almost every British actor who has ever played a suit-wearing, crime fighting character has been rumored to play the spy, but what does data say on who should take over?

Studying the full series of the films and each of the featuring lead actors, Select Car Leasing have created a profile for a successful Bond actor.

The profile is then applied to 50 actors who are each given a percentage match based on age, height, IMDB popularity score and number of acting credits. Using the percentage scores, Select Car Leasing have revealed the most likely actors to fit the Bond profile.


Top 10 Closest Matches for The Role of James Bond

Name Age Height Current No. of Roles Popularity by IMDB % Match
Jack Huston 38 6ft 0 47 Top 5,000 80
Matt Smith 38 6ft 0 47 Top 5,000 80
Charlie Cox 38 5ft 10 39 Top 5,000 80
Elyes Gabel 38 6ft 0 29 Top 5,000 80
Harry Lloyd 37 6ft 0 40 Top 5,000 80
James Norton 36 6ft 1 42 Top 5,000 70
Theo James 36 6ft 0 32 Top 5,000 70
Joe Anderson 39 5ft 11 41 Top 5,000 70
Ed Skrein 38 6ft 1 24 Top 5,000 65
Tom Burke 40 6ft 0 64 Top 5,000 65


Doctor Who’s Matt Smith is an 80% match for Bond

The table is topped by 5 actors all awarded with an 80% match for the Bond title. Amongst them is Elyes Gabel (Appearing in World War Z & Game of Thrones), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Dr. Who’s Matt Smith, Harry Lloyd (from Legion) and Daredevil’s Charlie Cox.

Charlie Cox has been relatively absent from the Bond debate – in an interview with The Independent, Cox claims it could be due to being a fairly incognito actor and staying away from social media. Despite this, Select Car Leasing’s data lists Cox would be the perfect actor to pick up the pistol.

Former Time Lord Matt Smith is also amongst the top 5 perfect actors to play Bond, but Smith himself disagrees. Reports say the former Doctor Who star felt he could never be a serious contender to play the British spy – but he would be better placed as one of the villains in the franchise.


Bookies’ fave Tom Hardy is just a 5% match for James Bond role

The favorite to replace Craig is currently Tom Hardy. However, he didn’t quite make the cut according to Select Car Leasing’s Top 30 Closest Matches for the Role of James Bond.

Historically, Bond actors filling the role have been fairly incognito before hand – and with 50% more acting credits than the average profile, Hardy scored just a 5% match for the role of James Bond.


Divergent’s Theo James is statistically a 70% perfect match for James Bond

Bookies odds for Theo James to be the next Bond slashed back in May, dropping to just 12/1. However, he’s got the jawline and the action-filled skill set from his roles in the Divergent series. Additionally, according to Select Car Leasing’s criteria his height and popularity rating on IMDB mean he’s a 70% match for the next Bond.


Richard Ayoade is a better fit for Bond than Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed (Rogue One) was asked by GQ if he would ever consider taking on the prestigious role of the British spy. He said, “Any stretching the mould of what our traditional archetypes are appeals to me – so yes, those classic stories, be it a kind of superhero of James Bond.” Step aside Daniel Craig, as Ahmed definitely boasts a jawline sharp enough to cut enemies on.

However, it’s Riz Ahmed’s height and healthy filmography that has him falling behind with just a 50% match for the spy role.

Interestingly, it’s Richard Ayoade that is a better fit to put on the tux, according to Select Car Leasing. The IT Crowd actor is known for his comedy but his filmography, IMDB popularity and ability to wear a suit leaves him as a 65% match for the next James Bond.

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