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Cannabis-Infused Perfume: The Sensual Blend Of Nature


While many of us are familiar with the skunky smell of marijuana, few of us would consider wearing it most of the time. Others have, and they’ve introduced a new type of perfume with marijuana’s distinct scent. Cannabis perfume mixes the scent of marijuana with earthy and floral notes to develop an odor that is sure to shake up the beauty industry.

Who doesn’t recall the days of secretly applying perfume and taking unscheduled baths to hide the scent of marijuana? The times, it seems, are changing: marijuana cologne is now the new trend in the health and beauty industries, and it bears no similarity to the skunky, burnt smells of the past. Marijuana perfume has a more discreet scent, combining earthy, piney, and floral notes with slight traces of cannabis’ skunk scent. Imagine a greenhouse with a carefully chosen bouquet of fragrant roses, interspersed with a couple of cannabis plants.

There are two main types of marijuana perfume: those that include actual cannabis and those that don’t but are designed to mimic the mysterious marijuana scent. The latter is common in areas where marijuana is still outlawed, but those areas are becoming fewer and further apart now that cannabis has undergone legalization throughout the United States. The methods used to create these two types of cannabis cologne are vastly different.


How to Make Marijuana Cologne

We ought to know how to make cologne, in general, to learn how to make marijuana perfume. Springwater, a base oil, ethanol, and essential oils are the four critical components of perfume. Middle notes, top notes, and base notes are the three different types of essential oils. The top note is the one that dissipates the earliest, while the bottom note is the one that takes the longest. All the notes are active at first while wearing cologne, with the top note being most prominent. The middle note becomes predominant as it fades, succeeded by the base note. Many perfumers often use bridge notes to assist with the switch between notes.


Choose which fragrances you want for your middle, top, base notes, and any bridge notes before creating perfume. You’ll have to carefully mix the correct notes to produce the desired fragrance if you’re trying to mimic the marijuana smell without actually utilizing cannabis. If you’re using cannabis, the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the CBD oil you’re utilizing and how it relates to the other oils can take on a new tone.

For a successful extraction process, you’ll require an even proportion of organic material to oil. Any less, and the natural oils’ scent would be barely discernible. To realize the right marijuana scent, you should purchase your cannabis from professional dispensaries. You can also look for some of the best exotic strains from reputed dispensaries and online stores.


Procedure for Making General Cologne

Procedure for Making Cannabis Perfume




  1. Break down any hemp or cannabis products that you will use in the cologne with a marijuana grinder. It is unnecessary to remove stems or seeds since they will undergo filtering with the remaining organic material.
  2. Put the weed grind into a small mason jar and fill it roughly 2 cm higher than the bud fills. This ensures that all the plant matter is fully soaked and provides space for shaking the mix in the following weeks.
  3. Before putting the mason jar in a cool and dark place for the extraction process to occur, seal it and shake the mix for 1-2 minutes. This can take anywhere between 1 to 2 months, but taking longer ensures that all cannabinoids are eliminated. You should get the jar out once a day throughout this period and shake it well to break up the contents before putting it back to its resting spot.
  4. When the extraction is over, the mason jar can be retrieved from the resting spot and opened.
  5. Use an elastic to hold layers of fabric placed on top of the jar opening in place.
  6. Slowly pour the solvent from the jar into a new, clean one.
  7. Pour the plant material into a cheesecloth and squeeze it until the last drops to extract the residual oils.
  8. Fill every cologne jar with an eyedropper steadily.
  9. If the perfume becomes too heavy for your cologne dispenser, smoothen it with a few drops of alcohol or water.


Made from Marijuana Terpenes

Cannabis terpenes, which possess uplifting, soothing, and anxiety-relieving properties, are used to create the colognes. When you inhale the terpenes from the perfume, they travel through the olfactory system and bind to the areas of the brain that regulate emotions.


Marijuana terpenes are also said to positively impact mood, brain function, and social behavior. The cannabis perfumes, on the other hand, will not make you high. Instead, they have a relaxing and calming impact that aids in coping with the pressures of modern-day life.


What the marijuana cologne means for the industry

Weed perfume is a significant move toward mainstream acceptance of cannabis. It’s a throwback to a period when marijuana was widely used in cosmetics, medicine, and textiles. As more municipalities change their laws to permit its use, more businesses are starting to see the promise of the cannabis plant.



As society progresses toward accepting cannabis apparel, cannabis medication, and cannabis cologne, more individuals will wonder why we are still criminalizing this magnificent plant. Marijuana perfume brings a touch of whimsy and charm to the marijuana industry and campaign as a whole, and it’s a fragrance we’re glad to adopt.

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