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Explore 4 Creative Ways To Drive Sales Numbers

If your business is selling a product, it’s essential to drive sales numbers. There are many ways you can go about doing this, but these four will get you started!

Use Social Media Platforms and Instagram Stories instead of Snap Chat

If you have a business page on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then use this platform to drive sales. How? by offering incentives such as contests or coupons that are only available through these platforms. Add in some catchy copywriting along with hashtags so people can find what they are looking for when scrolling through their feeds. Also, consider using videos instead of images because video grabs attention much faster since most people scan images.

Besides, if your target audience uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, consider using their competitor, such as Instagram, instead of Snapchat. Why? Because they also offer “stories” now, these can be used effectively when trying to promote products or services. Plus, if people end up following your brand on Instagram, they can be reminded of your business while scrolling through their feeds. This is a great way to get them back onto your website/storefront, even if it’s for that one purchase.


Create A Facebook Contest

If your business is like most, then the chances are that you have a big following on Facebook (if not, there’s always room for more). This can be an excellent way of driving sales numbers if done correctly! The idea behind the Facebook contest is to get people excited about entering and sharing their pictures or videos with all their friends. Thus, driving up traffic by word of mouth. Also, consider having prizes that matter, such as gift cards instead of “likes.” Why? Because too many likes only mean so much when they don’t equal any real money value attached to them. Plus, people want something back for taking part in these contests.

The other thing to consider with contests is how you pick the winner. Do it by asking people to comment on your Facebook post or do a random draw where you put all their names into a bowl and pull one out at the last minute! This will keep them coming back every week while also giving them something extra for participating in helping promote your business through word of mouth. This can lead to more sales down the line if done effectively!

Activate Your Email List and Include Calls to Action in your Email Signature

If you have an email list, then this should be activated immediately. Why? Because many customers are very loyal, why not give these people first dibs when they get special offers like free shipping over100 or half off? These are great ways to get your customers back into your site and shopping and spreading the word for you! Plus, it will save you money on shipping costs if they buy over one thing.

Every time an email gets sent out or accessed from someone’s inbox, they see your company name and signature with the CTA for them to follow up. If every email has the same thing, people ignore it because they think there aren’t any deals being offered at that moment, so why bother. Plus, people only need to click on it to see what you are offering.

Even better, make sure your lead generation services are compelling and personalized. Send out information about the offer only to those who have shown interest in it. You can create a targeted account list or buy one from other marketing firms specializing in email lists.


Utilize A Content Calendar

This might seem obvious, but many people often forget about the content calendar when establishing an online presence on social media platforms. Everyone has different needs, but chances are you will want at least two posts per week across all three, with some variation thrown in there where most businesses post more images than videos due to time restraints. But if video works better, include those instead because these have been proven repeatedly to be more effective than images or text alone.


Final Thought

There are several ways businesses can drive sales numbers, which will help increase revenue streams for companies that implement these strategies. Utilizing social media platforms, using Instagram stories instead of snap chat, activating your email list, and including calls to action in your email signature can increase profits. Why? Because people feel more inclined to buy when given a reason, they should instead of coming up with excuses not to spend money on things they could use or need.

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