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Explore 3 Tips To Help You Drive More Safely


Whether you’re a new driver and you’ve only had your license for a few months or you’ve been driving for decades, it’s important to be a safe driver. Paying attention when you’re on the road keeps you and the passengers in your vehicle safe, and can also keep you from colliding with other cars or injuring pedestrians. Here are three tips you can include in your driving habits to decrease the chances of getting into an accident.

1. Stay Alert

One of the most important things you can do when you’re driving is to remain alert. Don’t try to comb your hair or do your makeup while you’re driving, and avoid trying to eat a meal when you’re operating your vehicle. It’s also important that you not operate your phone when you’re driving. You can purchase a phone stand that allows you to see the screen if you’re following directions to get to your destination or speaking to someone using a video chat app.

This allows you to be hands-free and keeps you from looking down to see your phone. Even though hands-free devices are helpful when it comes to reducing distracted driving, you should still limit your phone time when you’re in the car. Paying attention to the road should be your number one priority.

Staying alert means that you can see how other drivers are operating their vehicles. This means you’ll be able to slow down sooner when you see a pile-up ahead, and you can see if a car is turning left or right, even if the driver doesn’t use a turn signal. Not being able to catch these things in time could cause rear-end collisions.

If evidence reveals that the accident happens due to your negligence, you could be held responsible for the accident. If you live in the Sherman Oaks area, you can contact a Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer to represent your case and let you know what your rights are.


2. Keep Your Automobile In Good Shape

It’s important that you take your car for a tune-up regularly. You need to make sure that your vehicle is working properly so you can stay safe while you’re driving. Have the mechanic check your headlights and taillights and have the lights replaced if necessary. Make sure your brakes are working well so you can make any sudden stops when you need to.

Check your windshield wipers as well so your windows will be thoroughly cleaned when you’re driving in the rain or snow. Your horn and turn signals should be in good working order as well since these components help to keep you safe on the road and make it easier to notify other drivers when you need to make a turn or change lanes.


3. Customize Your Driving Experience

You can increase your chances of staying safe while you drive by tailoring your driving experience to your comfort levels. Adjust your seat to make sure you can see clearly out of the windows and rearview mirror. You may also want to use a heating pad in the seat if you’re traveling in cold weather, or a pillow that stabilizes your head and neck if you have to drive long distances. Listen to music that calms your mind and body as well.

This will lower your chances of road rage and keep you from getting too frustrated during traffic jams. You can even purchase car air fresheners with essential oils so you can keep your mind alert and centered while you drive. Make sure your seatbelt is comfortable as well so you won’t be tempted to remove it while you’re driving. You should also wear comfortable clothing and shoes while driving to keep your focus on the road and not your attire.

This may mean that you’ll have to bring your shoes, jackets, or accessories in the car with you and put them on when you get to your destination. These small changes can make you and your fellow drivers safer on the road.



Staying safe on the road should be a priority for everyone. Whether you’re trying to protect yourself during your commute to and from work, traveling with children in the car, or you’re on your way to visit with friends, you’ll want to make sure you’re alert while driving so you can arrive safely while protecting other drivers on the road as well.

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