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Top 3 Benefits Of Using CBD Oil To Help Anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 known cannabinoids found in cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, that accounts for 40% of its extract. CBD oil contains cannabidiol as the only active ingredient and can be consumed through various means, including sublingual administration and mixing with food and beverages. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, CBD oil has primarily been used to treat things ranging from anxiety to seizures. With increasing research on and cultural openness toward cannabis comes new questions and concerns. With this information in mind, the following are three benefits of using CBD oil to help anxiety.

1. Alternative to Pharmaceutical Interventions

The first benefit of using CBD oil to help anxiety is that it can serve as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical interventions. Many of those dealing with anxiety and depression may be prescribed medications, which, though useful, may have unsavory side effects. Furthermore, anxiolytics may cause depression, while anti-depressants may cause anxiety, resulting in an endless loop. CBD oil can treat both of these symptoms simultaneously, reducing the complications resulting from pharmaceutical modes of treatment. Furthermore, CBD is more natural and has far fewer and far less severe side effects than synthetic pharmaceutical forms of treatment, so long as it is used responsibly and is of good quality.


2. Non-Habit-forming & Non-addictive

The second benefit of using CBD oil to help anxiety is that it can do so that doesn’t result in dependence or rebound anxiety. However, despite its reputation as an anxiolytic, questions have arisen about whether CBD oil can cause or worsen anxiety. So, can cbd cause anxiety, and more specifically, rebound anxiety? The answer is no, and proof of this lies in how CBD functions within the human body. Such anxiety is a response to a medication’s withdrawal, and CBD doesn’t deal with the brain’s dependence-related pathways, meaning that it cannot cause rebound anxiety or dependence. However, there may be ways that CBD interacts with other medications, existing addiction, and predispositions. CBD can help alleviate rebound anxiety resulting in withdrawal from other medications.


3. Fast & Easy Administration

The third and final benefit of using CBD oil to help anxiety is that it is fast and easy to administer to oneself. Using the dropper allows you to easily measure out how much CBD oil you would like to use at any given time. Administration can then occur by merely applying a drop or two under the tongue for relatively rapid onset. Also, drops can be added to any food item or beverage for convenient consumption and perhaps an enhanced flavor profile. However, due diligence is required with what one mixes CBD oil with and when one uses it. For example, mixing CBD with alcohol while taking benzodiazepines can be a recipe for disaster. Consuming it is ill-advised during pregnancy or before operating a motor vehicle or working. Once again, personal discretion and responsibility are essential.

While modern medicine has made great strides over the decades and has a significant place in contemporary life, it is unrealistic to expect medications alone to be capable of solving all anxiety issues. For one, various forms of therapy can significantly help manage anxiety by empowering individuals to manage their emotional reactions and thought patterns, many of which may cause their anxiety symptoms in the first place. Additionally, medications, which often come with side effects and adverse interactions, do not solve problems at the root but merely mask and manage the symptoms. Though no cure-all, CBD has been shown to help alleviate many such ailments with minimal risks and side effects.

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