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5 Reasons Why You & Your Partner Are Distant

A lot of factors can cause you and your partner to feel a great distance from each other. The important thing is that you recognize the problem and work together to get the help you need to regain the closeness. These are five reasons that you could be having such problems:


1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of distance. It can cause problems in a relationship, whether it’s going on or not. One person will pull away if he or she feels that the other person is being unfaithful. On the other hand, a person who is being unfaithful will often have his or her emotions tied up with another person. That in itself can cause distance because it’s very difficult to distribute emotional resources to more than one relationship. Someone will get the short end of the stick here.


2. Lack of Attention

Another reason that you and your mate might be experiencing distance is that there might be a lack of attention on someone’s part. All people need attention and nurturing. Couples often stop giving each other attention once they’ve been together for a while. The feeling of neglect can cause one of the parties to harbor resentment, and that resentment can lead to distance, among other things. You must keep in mind that all relationships are like flowers. They need sunlight and water to grow.


3. Selfish Sexual Relations

Selfish sexual relations can cause two people to grow distant. Physical intimacy is supposed to be an extension of two people’s love for each other. Thus, it should involve effort from both parties. They should both be trying their best to please the other person as well as themselves. Your relationship could be distant if you or your partner is involved in selfish relations. Selfish relations happen when one person is only concerned with the end result of the relations and doesn’t really care to make sure that the other partner is happy or satisfied. It also involves a lack of emotional input. You can talk to a Los Angeles sex therapist, or one in your area if you think selfishness might be a factor in the distance.


4. Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the key elements that a relationship needs for two people to continue to feel close to each other. Communication can come in many forms. It could be a text message asking how your day is going. It can be a quick phone call to let your partner know you love them. It could be sitting down and telling that person what has been bothering you lately. Communication is a necessary thing. The lack of it will cause distance faster than any other thing.


5. No Together Time

Finally, you might be growing distant because you no longer spend time together anymore. Are you still having date nights together? Are you still spending quality time within the home when you have to stay in? Do you still talk, joke, laugh, and generally have a good time? If not, you could be suffering because of the lost together time. You might be able to fix this by scheduling a date night for the two of you sometime soon. It may open up the door to nostalgic feelings so that you will remember what made you fall in love.


Start Getting Help Today

It’s imperative that the two of you talk and discuss the issue that’s causing the distance. It can cause greater distance and lead to divorce or separation if you don’t face it. Don’t be afraid to see a professional for help so that you can heal and grow.

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