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Best Tips And Tricks For COD Mobile

Have you played Call of Duty: Mobile (or COD Mobile) yet? If you haven’t – and you’re a fan of the core Call of Duty experience – you should really check it out. It’s a remarkably high-fidelity translation of the Call of Duty gameplay loop to mobile devices, and while it doesn’t quite play exactly like a Call of Duty game, it shares enough of the main series’ DNA to make it a no-brainer if you love these games. Like Call of Duty on consoles and PC, COD Mobile is an intense, skilful experience, so you’ll need to up your game if you want to be the best at it. Here are our best tips and tricks for COD Mobile to level up your experience and make you the best you can be.


Play according to your device

If your device doesn’t support COD Mobile’s best graphics settings, then it’s not a good idea to turn the visuals all the way up, even if you think the game looks better. In a multiplayer game like this, a consistent frame rate is far more important than flashy graphics. If you’re rocking a phone that’s several years old, you may need to tweak some graphics settings in order to get COD Mobile to work as it should. When the action on screen is silky-smooth and never chugs no matter how much is happening, that’s when you’ve got the best settings.


Keep your COD Points topped up

Just like Call of Duty on consoles, COD Points are the lifeblood of COD Mobile. You can buy COD Points with real money, and then use the points to buy things like weapons and XP cards to level up existing equipment. However, if you’re smart, you can find places to get COD Points for free. CODPointsAndCredits has some great options to get free COD Points and boosts on COD Mobile, so make sure you check them out if you’re after free COD Points (as you should be). With COD Points under your belt, you’ll be unlocking and leveling up weapons in no time.


Try to play in Advanced control mode

There are two control methods available in COD Mobile: Simple mode and Advanced mode. When you’re playing in Simple mode, you won’t be able to use your weapon’s scope, but the controls are greatly simplified, so you could also use this mode as a way to learn the ropes in the multiplayer modes. Advanced mode opens up far greater control over your aim, but also gives you more to remember and focus on while you’re playing. If you want to be a great COD Mobile player, you’ll need to utilise Advanced mode, but there’s no shame in learning the controls in Simple mode first.


Upgrade your weapons frequently

In COD Mobile, not all weapons are created equally. Not only are there better weapons for certain situations, but you’ll also need to keep your weapons upgraded, as upgrading them gives them new abilities. If you play against players who have upgraded their weapons when you haven’t, you’ll quickly realise how outmatched you are. You can use COD Points to buy weapon upgrades, but you can also use in-game tokens earned from playing the game as well. There’s really no excuse not to keep your weapons constantly upgraded and ready for battle.


Use your mobility

Despite being a mobile game, COD Mobile has a remarkable range of movement you can perform. Not only can you move around the game’s multi-layered maps as you would on a console, but you can also crouch, slide, and even fire when sliding. Learning how to utilise this movement is vital in gaining a competitive edge over your opponents. Picture a one-on-one firefight. Who’s going to win – the person who’s simply standing there and firing, or their enemy, who’s crouching and sliding to make themselves harder to hit? Learn your full range of movement and you’ll become unstoppable.


Pick the right class

COD Mobile’s battle royale mode uses a class-based approach to its multiplayer gameplay, and understanding these classes is key to victory. There are six classes in all, each of which has its own playstyle and contribution to the team dynamic. The Clown is a gadget-based class that can help their team out with strategic placement of their Toy Robots. The Defender is a straightforward tank, while the Medic can heal teammates. Get to grips with all six classes and you’ll know which one your playstyle suits best.


Use scorestreaks wisely

COD Mobile’s scorestreak system complements different playstyles, but it’s important to know which one you should opt for. If you play for engagements and just want to rack up kills, it’s a good idea to aim for scorestreaks that don’t take long to unlock so you can quickly rack up more bonuses. As a more passive player that waits to mop up kills and plays more strategically, playing the long game might suit you better. COD Mobile has plenty of scorestreaks to choose from, so make sure you’re picking the right one every time you get a scorestreak.


Enjoy yourself

Toxicity is a huge problem in PvP-based multiplayer games. Often, players take the game far too seriously and start griefing teammates or feeling angry, leading them to make more mistakes. Be sure to treat COD Mobile as a chance to unwind and have fun with an accomplished mobile shooter. If you know there are other things in your life that will make the game unfun for you, take a break from it. Step away from the game on a regular basis to do other stuff so that it never overruns your life. COD Mobile should always be fun, and when it’s not, that’s when it’s time to stop.

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