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What Is CBD Oil? From Capsules To Dabs, The 411 On CBD Extracts


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CBD oil is a super-broad term that covers tinctures, capsules, vape oils, and even dabs. Learn the lowdown on broad-spectrum and isolate CBD oil products of every type.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the cannabis plant, and chances are good that you see this magical tincture all over the place. That’s because CBD is booming as the world starts to see its benefits—including quieting the mind and relieving stress.

People love CBD oil because it’s an easy way to get your chill on without the psychoactive high that comes with THC-containing marijuana products. But did you know that CBD oil is more than just a tincture than you drop under your tongue? That’s one way to take it, sure. But today, CBD oil also appears in products like:

Still asking yourself, “what is CBD oil, EXACTLY, and why do I need it?” Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these helpful hemp extracts:

What are CBD extracts?

Cannabidiol extracts are oils that are derived from the cannabis plant, including the stems, flowers, and leaves. In a few cases, seeds are part of the mix, too.

These extracts can be either marijuana-based or hemp-based. As you may have guessed from the names, marijuana-based extract comes from high-THC cannabis plants, while hemp-based extract comes from hemp plants with less than the legal threshold of THC (0.03%, as of 2020).

CBD extracts can be:

If you’re looking to get some relief from the Monday blues without getting high, a broad-spectrum product is most likely the best choice. However, plenty of people benefit from isolate products too!

What are the effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil can help you tackle the pressures of daily life by making it all seem easier to handle. With a few drops of tincture or a couple of gummies, you can:

If you’re grappling with nervousness, second-guessing yourself, or struggling with low self-esteem, CBD extracts may help you squash racing thoughts and stop worrying so $#@^* much!

What’s the best CBD oil for you?

The best CBD oil really depends on your needs and how your body responds to different hemp products. That being said, many people find that broad-spectrum oil is the best choice for them.

Full-spectrum oils can cause the adverse side effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety, whereas isolate oils don’t contain the additional compounds that really allow CBD to shine.

You see, CBD is susceptible to an entourage effect – that means it works more effectively in the presence of other cannabinoids. You may find that you get the same impact at a lower dose with a broad-spectrum CBD oil compared to an isolate.

How do you use CBD oil?

The way you use CBD oil depends on your method of choice! There are many ways to take it, and there’s sure to be a way that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

The most common methods of using CBD oil include:

Some people dab concentrated CBD oils, which means using high temperature to vaporize the oil and inhale the vapor. This leads to the fastest onset of effects (almost instant), but you should only dab oils that are explicitly meant to be vaped.

Your CBD dosing regimen could include:

CBD dosing is variable, which means there isn’t a standardized dose that works for everyone. Most people start with titrated dosing. That means they start at a small amount and work their way up until they reach the dose where there’s the most benefit without any negative side effects.

It may take a few days or weeks to figure out your perfect CBD dose. But once you do, you’ll be feeling your coolest and most collected on command!

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