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Top 7 Ways To Improve Your Memory And Smartness


When life becomes tough – such as in this Covid-19 season – smart people keep moving forward, likewise, those with retentive memories are able to learn faster and overcome many challenges. Although Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton didn’t use the full capacities of their brains, these great scientists did wonderful things which are pivotal to the betterment of the world today. With that being said, your intelligent quotient or (IQ level) doesn’t necessarily define your ability to succeed. Here are the top 7 ways to improve your smartness and memory, and become a real geek. 


Smart entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, are all avid readers. Read the news and watch the news to stay up-to-date with the world around you. That too can change your life. Reading stimulates the growth of healthy brain waves. If you read wide, you accumulate tons of knowledge. Education, they say, is the key to success, but knowledge is even more powerful. You don’t necessarily need to attain a PhD or a master’s degree before you can unleash the beast in your brain.   


That sounds weird. But believe it or not, your brain is as good as you train it to be. Think about how regular exercises improve your muscle strength. The brain is no different. It requires regular training in order to unlock its endless potential. Mental workouts help build the gray matter in your brain. Challenge your mind, and it will grow and increase your memory. Researchers have shown that people who commit 15 minutes of their days to mental training activities can record significant progress on their brain functions.

Go online and let Google be your guide. You will find a myriad of brain-training exercises that will assist you to boost your memory. Brain-training routines challenge your brain to get better at recognizing patterns. This improves your short and long-term memory.


Are you locked up at home due to Covid-19? Well, that should not stop you from training your mind to become a geek. Your sleep patterns also share a connection with your memory capabilities. Substantial amounts of research studies have backed that assertion. The theory says that when you enjoy a sound sleep, new connections build up and link the cells in your brain. This leads to improved memory and learning abilities. The extra piece of good news is that, aside from boosting memory, new brain connections play a role in one’s ability to correlate new information with old ones.

In some studies, it was found out that students who sleep 8 hours per day, often perform better in examinations than their counterparts who stay awake all night long. Also, among the list of brain-improvement methods is drinking of adequate water. Science says that water improves memory functions. And so, if you are not drinking enough water, that can be a great disservice. Hydration impacts your mood, focus, and memory. Some surveys even suggest that students who take their water bottles to the exam halls usually perform better than candidates who don’t drink water in the examination room.


As expected, excessive consumption of sugar is detrimental to your health. Apart from the risks of diabetes, health experts warn that too much sugar can negatively impact your cognitive function. A decline in your cognitive function will mean that memory loss is imminent.  Sugar-rich diets have been linked to abridging brain volume, particularly in brain regions concerned with short-term memory. It’s astounding to learn that research studies relate sugary beverages to decreased brain volumes in people who take those diets. Cut down your sugar intake to improve your overall health, and become a nerd.


It’s no longer news to state that physical activities give direct health benefits, including brain development. Since all work and no play makes you a dull person, step out to the gym and work out your muscles. Your brain will also grow up. By exercising on a regular basis, you can lower your risk of cognitive decline associated with aging. For example, aerobic exercises are known to have memory benefits to Alzheimer’s patients during the early stage. If you want to improve your memory, then try working out more. You can swim, dance, ski, run, or simply take a brisk walk. But when exercising, always be careful never to overdo it as that also has its own issues such as risking injury.


Except that you are trying to stay safe from the Coronavirus, there’s no good reason to stay at home 24/7 and 365 days a year. Going on tours to new places can open your mind to see new things that will make you smart. If you can travel to other countries, that’s fine. But it doesn’t have to always be a long trip to the countryside or something like that. The idea is to change your location or usual pattern of doing things. For example, if you are a business owner who wants to explore new applications, why not use database migration service to modernize your business?


Brain experts have posited that displacement is vital for brain growth, and consequently, your smartness. Move out of your comfort zone to experience the new world that lies beyond your horizon. When you change locations frequently, you are likely to learn new cultures that can go on to influence your view of the world. Adventure trips can present your brain with new challenges to overcome, and when you do so, you are improving your smartness. Traveling also improves your communication skills. Since life is all about communication, knowing how to communicate is a big boost to your smartness.

Becoming smarter will allow you to bridge the gap between you and your dreams. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos didn’t have to score 100% in an IQ test before he became the wealthiest man on the planet. His smartness allows him to discover opportunities that average minds often miss. Use the above tips to improve your memory and smartness, and become a better version of yourself.

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