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The Top 3 Secrets the US Government Is Hiding From Civilians

Most governments are not as transparent with issues as you may assume they are, and on top of that list is the US Government. In some cases, they go the extra mile to hide things from the ordinary citizen that has an effect on the quality of life. In this article, you’ll get to know three of these secrets, which will open your eyes to the deceit, scam, and fraud going on. You’ll also find a few solutions in here to make sure you don’t fall victim or if you already have, how to get out of it.


1: They want you to remain in debt

Absolutely, they do. Take, for example, student loans that you will essentially pay off for the majority of your life long after you’re completed. This is the kind of thing that the deep state shadow government and the international banking ‘cartel’ do to trick the average citizen into

thinking they will be better off. These entities are behind the scenes, influencing policies, and facilitating frauds that only put you in debt. Not to worry, with organizations like Debt To Success System (DTSS), you’ll be exposed to these government scams and receive help out of it. DTSS displays NWO scam and has developed long term solutions in the form of powerful programs to help you become debt-free in no time. 


2: Mind control experiments by the CIA

The CIA, during the cold war, is reported to have been involved in some illegal testing of human subjects for scientific research. This testing, known as Project MK-ULTRA, was conducted using drugs such as barbiturates and LSD and techniques including hypnosis, radiological and biological agents. The alleged aim was to produce humans who were programmed to conduct assassinations by being mind-controlled by the CIA. The disturbing aspect of these experiments is that it was found that the subjects were not even aware that they were participants. The director of the CIA Richard Helms in 1973 tried to have the documents on those experiments destroyed but eventually they were brought to light the following year. This goes to show that there is some truth in what the movies portray.


3: You don’t have as much privacy as you think

Have you ever thought about what happens to your calls and emails that seem to be protected by password, facial recognition, and everything else meant to keep it private? Well, if not, start thinking about it. The US government, through the NSA, has created and still maintains backdoor access to databases that allow them to search for citizens’ emails and calls under legal authority but without a warrant. This Edward Snowden leaked document was revealed by The Guardian in 2013 and is one of the secrets about surveillance that US citizens have no knowledge of.

Every country keeps secrets, but what happens when these hidden truths may cause a downward spiral in the quality of life of the ordinary citizen? It is time for you to be aware of some of these things so that you’re not caught off guard at any point in time.

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