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Geek Alabama Links: Week Of 2-17-20

Welcome to Geek Alabama Links.  Every Monday, I will highlight five different stories from the internet that were interesting, thoughtful, or something useful.  Here are five new stories that you should click on!

NASA Explains Physics To Everyone Freaking Out About Twitter’s Broomstick Challenge

I mean, come on!  Here is the latest social media freak out that makes no sense what so ever.


Alabama Senate passes bill that would punish those who leave pets in hot cars

Wow, something from the Alabama Legislature that actually makes some sense, I am shocked.


Eating less meat is fine with a majority of Americans

A great goal to be healthier and make our planet better, everyone should be doing this!


Who’s Afraid of Greta Thunberg? Apparently A Whole Bunch of Folks In Bismarck ND, That’s Who…

As someone who has Autism like I do, I am appalled that people attack this girl.


‘How I hid my autism to fit in’

I did some of the same things as this woman did to hide Autism.