The Evening Post: Give Guests A Flutter With A Gambling Night

The hospitality industry can be challenging at times. How do you keep guests entertained? How do you drum up some new business? Casino nights can be a great way to do both. In this post, we’ll go through some simple gambling event ideas that are a lot of fun, and that can be pulled off on a smaller budget.

High Stakes

Do you like the idea of a high-stakes poker or blackjack table? There are no glitzy machines or ringing bells, just a group of card players around the table. You can play for real money for the ultimate rush or use tokens instead.

This is a great way to create an event on a very small budget. Guests buy a seat at the table and have fun playing. Some simple snacks and some drinks are all that you need. Check out the movie Maverick for more inspiration.

Monte Carlo Glamour

Here, you’ll need to put in a lot more effort, but it’ll pay Try seeing if you can rent a roulette wheel from a party supply store, or even buy a small one. You’ll want wine/ champagne and canapes as snacks.

Ladies and gents should be dressed to the nines. It gives everyone a chance to get all dressed up and is a lot of fun. Look at the movie Casino Royale for dress inspiration.

An Ocean Eleven’s “Heist”

Hide the loot carefully before the guests arrive and create a series of clues. When the guests arrive, split them into two teams. They’ll then be competing against each other to pull off the ultimate heist. Why not take a tip out of Brad Pitt’s book here? The star ate 40 shrimps while filming his shrimp cocktail scene in Ocean’s Eleven.

Again, some simple snacks and drinks are all you really need to get this event off the ground.

Final Notes

Those are some ideas to get you started. What ideas will you come up with? There is any number of gambling movies to choose from – why not host a Casino Royale night? We’ll even let you be 007.

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