The Employables Stuff

Catch The Series Premiere Of The Employables Tonight

Tonight is the night!  A&E will premiere their new series “The Employables” tonight!  In episode one titled “Hire Intelligence”:

Aerial, 27, has Tourette’s syndrome and also experiences a symptom called echolalia; diagnosed with autism at age 12, 23-year-old Hayden hopes to find a job that highlights his strengths.

As you know, my episode will air on Wednesday, May 29th.  I know what my episode title is!  It’s called “Chainsaws and Traffic Lights.”  The episode description is:

Matt, 27, has a severe form of Tourette’s syndrome that causes sudden violent body movements, spitting and vocal outbursts; Nathan, 31, has Asperger’s syndrome, which makes it difficult for him to navigate social interactions.

Yes, I would agree with the episode description.  Anyways, i’m excited!  Catch the series premiere of “The Employables” tonight at 9 pm Central on A&E!


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