Crowdsourcing Mornings: Dungeons Box – The Ultimate Tabletop RPG Companion

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Dungeons Box is your all-in-one RPG travel case so you’ll always be ready to play, no matter where the adventure may take you. You can store more than 3+ miniatures and 20+ dice, complete with built in rolling tray, pencil slot & phone/tablet stand for the digital adventurer. A soft felt lining keeps your assets safe, while rare-earth magnets lock your Dungeons Box securely.
When it came to designing Dungeons Box, we wanted to make sure it met every need a modern Tabletop RPG player may have. The goal was to create the first all-in-one RPG gaming travel case that can store everything you need to tackle your next big adventure.  We started with the essentials, a place to keep your Dice & Miniatures. From there we dug deep and looked at not only what would be helpful during our own gaming sessions, but also what features are not already available on other products.
In the virtual world we live in, we knew that it needed to include a Phone & Tablet stand to display your digital character sheets. If you pen & paper is more your thing, the Phone & Tablet stand also doubles as a Pencil & Pen slot so no space goes to waste.  Rolling dice is the heart and soul of any RPG experience and can mean life or death for your character in many cases. We added a built in felt lined Rolling Tray to the inside of the Dungeons Box lid. So no more cocked dice or rolling on a wonky surfaces.
Once your quest is complete, rare earth magnets lock the Dungeons Box securely, keeping everything safely contained until your next encounter.

As of April 19th, this project has raised $12,000 of their $2,500 goal. This project has 20 days left to raise as much as it can. For a pledge of $49, you will get one Dungeons Box natural bamboo.  For a pledge of $59, you will get one Dungeons Box walnut bamboo.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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