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Planet Rescue is relevant for any teacher, parent and environmental group who want to teach young children about respecting and working towards a greener planet in an interactive and fun way! It supports clear environmental goals such as clean air, clean and plentiful water, thriving plants and wildlife, sustainability and minimising waste. It’s a book full of clear, colourful illustrations, fun little details and a diverse range of characters.
Planet Rescue is simple but cleverly-executed. Between each spread there is a transparent page which, when turned from right to left, magically transforms the action underneath. Each transformation highlights a benefit to our environment – as you can see in the animated image below – such as taking the car off the road and placing it back in the garage. The simplicity of this action is immediate and gives the child a sense of empowerment as if they have actually made it happen!
We hope Planet Rescue will encourage the younger generation along this path to a greener future.

As of March 15th, this project has raised $5,500 of their $7,945 goal. This project has 13 days left to raise the $7,945 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $13, you will get one copy of the book.  For a pledge of $20, you will get a signed copy of the book.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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