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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 3-8-19

Here are five posts on Geek Alabama from the last week that you might have missed and should take a look at and read! Below are five posts on Geek Alabama from the past week that were either popular, should be looked at again, or needs more views. Please take a look!

An Recap Of Annicon 2019 With Pictures And Video

Great coverage!

Pictures And Video From The March 3, 2019 Alabama Tornadoes

Terrible stuff.

Roadscapes Wednesday: Why A Roundabout Was Chosen For Bynum Leatherwood Road

If you wanted to know.

The Alex Trebek Cancer Announcement Is A Huge Kick To The Gut

This really sucks.

Watch Smarter Every Day Go On A Mission To Explain The Future Of War

Cool stuff!