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Crowdsourcing Mornings: The Trans-Siberian Railway

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Nina Cosford is an illustrator based in the UK. Alongside my day-to-day illustration work, I try to make time for my other big passion: travel. No matter where I go, I always bring my sketchbook along with me.  Even though I’ve illustrated countless books for other people, I’ve never had the chance to make one about my own travels. Although there are plenty of glossy guide books out there, I want to create a candid, colorful, unique and entertaining look at travel – something that is rarely explored through the eyes of an illustrator.

For my first book, I wanted to start with something epic …

On 5th March 2019, I will be boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway, travelling all the way from Moscow to Beijing. This a trip that I’ve been dreaming of and working towards for years – and I’d love for you to be part of the journey!  A self-published 40+ page, full-color illustrated account of my Trans-Siberian adventure – jam-packed full of humorous observations, beautiful landscapes (captured in situ) and handwritten notes from the pages of my journals.

From window views, to world-famous sites, daily thoughts to the kaleidoscope of cultures I will encounter, I want this book to offer an insight into this incredible journey and hopefully inspire others in their own adventures.

As of February 21st, this project has raised $22,000 of their $4,565 goal. This project has 1 day left to raise as much as it can. For a pledge of $10, you will get one signed copy of the book.  For a pledge of $39, you will get one signed book and giclee print.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: