The Evening Post: Nashville Meteorologist Gets Hate Online

Okay, I get it.  The Masked Singer is one of the more popular shows on prime time right now.  But, when tornadoes are on the ground in your hometown, your local meteorologists have a job to warn people, and that means breaking into the show to cover the tornado.  Nashville Meteorologist Katy Morgan from FOX 17 had a job to do.  She had to break into The Masked Singer to cover tornado warnings.  This made some very upset as they could not watch celebrities wearing masks singing songs.
There were tornadoes on the ground causing damage, and some died because of severe flooding.  But who cares about that, people wearing masks on TV were more important.  Katy Morgan got some hateful comments on social media, and that is unacceptable!  You can watch shows like The Masked Singer online the next day.  You are not going to miss it, just watch it another time.  Covering severe weather with tornadoes causing damage is much more important!
These people calling this meteorologist horrible names should be ashamed!

Thankfully other people have spoken up supporting Katy Morgan, and I support her too!

Katy is the chief meteorologist at our sister station in Nashville. The messages she received last night while doing…

Posted by James Spann on Thursday, February 7, 2019

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